Derek Acorah PsychicOnly a true psychic could make such a wildly imaginative prediction that a man destined for football stardom would instead achieve public recognition and fame as a medium.

It is hard to think of two more differing career paths but Derek Acorah is the man that actually followed that very pathway and he is now in demand wherever he goes, as people seek peace and comfort through communication with their lost loved ones.

Early calling

Long before Derek Acorah (real name Derek Francis Johnson) even followed his original dream to become a professional footballer, he experienced his first psychic connection.

At just six years of age, he was at his grandmother’s house and he encountered a man on the landing as he was heading down the stairs. Obviously at such a tender age his understanding of what he was witnessing was limited and he simply thought that there was an intruder in the house and ran to fetch his grandmother to tell her all about it.

His grandmother asked him to describe the person he had seen and showed him a series of photographs when she suspected who it was that Derek had come face to face with. When he was shown a picture of his late grandfather who had passed away a few years before Derek was born he immediately recognised it to be the same man, confirming very early on his life that he had psychic powers as he had made a spiritual connection with his late grandfather aged just six years old.

Derek certainly had an early calling and you can also find a host of naturally talented medium’s and make use of their abilities through the sites like TheCircle.

Moving on from football

Having signed for Liverpool football club at the age of 15 Derek was hopeful of a glittering sporting career but a serious knee injury put paid to any of these ideas.

He found himself drawn to the Spiritualist churches dotted around the North West and started to help out with voluntary spirit rescue work and this lead to him doing various demonstrations of his abilities and conducting private readings for people.

Media breakthrough

Derek Acorah then set up an office in Liverpool and started to experience a rapid increase in his popularity and notoriety.

This led to a book deal and a regular spot on the talk show hosted by the radio presenter James Whale. Having carried on with this for a couple of years he was then invited by Granada TV to take part in a programmed called Livetime, where he conducted psychic readings live on-air.

Various other shows were commissioned for Derek to showcase his talents and with doubt the show that made him a household name was Most Haunted.

He says that he feels deeply privileged to have been given the opportunity to help others find peace and comfort through his psychic powers of communication and honoured to have been given unique access to scared places throughout the world.

Controversy sometimes tries to impede his path but his natural talent and comforting manner mean that Derek Acorah will always be considered by many to be a true guiding spirit.

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