Bachelor Juan Pablo SpoilersHas Juan Pablo found his future wife? The King of all spoilers, Reality Steve, has revealed our Latin hunks final four ladies. It appears Juan Pablo, DEFINITELY prefers blondes. Here’s all the latest juicy Bachelor Spoilers and psychic astrology predictions this season.

When it comes to love, the number one lady in Bachelor Juan Pablo’s heart is his baby girl. A proud papa, he’s puts family first and the only thing missing in his life is his future wife. Has our Latin Bachelor found true love?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Bachelor Juan Pablo’s girls range from age 26 to 32. He writes: “Based on where these four women live, my guess is the hometowns will be shot in that order starting tomorrow and continuing every other day. Wednesday will be in Sarasota for Renee, Friday will be in Atlanta for Andi, Sunday will be in Kansas City for Nikki, and next Tuesday in Sacramento for Clare, with the rose ceremony being next Wednesday night the 30th at a hotel somewhere in LA. If anything changes in the shooting schedule I’ll let you know, but I’m guessing that’ll be the order they’re shot in. Makes the most geographical sense, but we’ll see.”

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Juan Pablo was born under the sign of Leo. He’s  a passionate and sexy guy, who loves to be in the spotlight. Any girl he chooses, will have to treat him like a King and of course she will be treated like a Queen.

We’re hopeful for Bachelor Juan Pablo that he’s found his future lady love. We think any girl would be lucky to have him as her husband. We can’t wait till the new season. For more Bachelor Spoilers, check out Reality Steve.

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