BB15 Spoilers Eviction Amanda ZuckermanBig Brother 15 this season has had more twist and turns than the Indy 500. Tonight, a new BB15 alliance is confirmed and the house will be guaranteed to turn upside down. Will Amanda Zuckerman be evicted or will her new alliance with Elissa take the girls to the final two. Warning Big Brother 15 spoilers and live feed news straight ahead.

On Big Brother 15 this season, Amanda is proud she controlled every eviction, but she may have to give her crown up this week. Also, her boyfriend McCrae was put on the eviction block by evil, HOH GinaMarie.

Fortunately, lady luck was smiling on McCrae and he won BB15 POV, putting Spencer Clawson on the eviction block instead. Amanda believes she has some sex appeal left, thinking the other housemates will send Spencer packing and giver her another week in the Big Brother 15 house.

In the end, Big Brother 15 is a game and everyone wants to win the cash. If McCrae is smart, he needs to put some distance from his BB15 sweetie, Amanda, or he may score himself an eviction next week. Bye, bye money!

When it comes to the Big Brother 15 final two, Astrochicks predicts Andy and Elissa will make it to the end. We’re praying that GinaMarie will be evicted soon and not make the BB15 final 3. We’re shocked she’s still on the show. Tune in tonight to find out who’s sent home! For BB15 spoilers and live feed news, click here.

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