PSYCHIC TIA, Real Housewives Celebrity Medium, New A&E Reality Show!

Psychic Tia New Reality ShowMove over Long Island Medium, there’s a new cosmic chick in the house named Psychic Tia. A new original A&E reality show airing on BIO, focuses on New Jersey clairvoyant’s mystical world. It’s Real Housewives meets Elvira.

The show centers on Psychic Tia, who’s a celebrity medium and a former New Jersey police detective. A no nonsense psychic, who’s remarkable gift marries the physical world to the supernatural one. Also, she’s Teresa Giudice’s psychic of choice. Astrochicks wonders if Psychic Tia warned her the feds were coming? We sure hope so.

When it comes to her supernatural talents, Psychic Tia first noticed her cosmic intuition as a cop. She found it played a key role in her detective work, so she decided to focus her ability in a new direction: launching her own New Age business!

At her New Jersey store The Craft, Psychic Tia, shares her exceptional skills as both a medium and a psychic with her clients…and this outspoken intuitive, like any bona fide Jersey girl, truly tells it like she sees it. Psychic Tia’s no-nonsense, direct approach is one of a kind, and an appointment with her is truly a life-changing experience!

Psychic Tia’s amazing readings range from talking to the dead, Tarot to Wicca, where she performs charms and incantations. Her main intention throughout is to use her vision to provide guidance to her clients and help them live better lives – and in Tia’s own life, between running a business, having a family, and listening to spirits, it can get pretty noisy!

You can watch Psychic Tia on the BIO Channel, Saturdays at 10pm/9c. Twitter: @thecraftbytia. Check out her web site here.  Enjoy!

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Ive seen her show and I think she has a wonderful gift but my favorites are Long Island Medium and rene Russo

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