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DIDDY and J. COLE Fight Over Girlfriend, Beyonce and Jay Z Drama, UPDATE!

sean combs diddyDid Sean Diddy Combs and J. Cole get into a little drama at a post VMA party? If rumors are true, not only did Diddy and J. Cole come to blows, Beyonce tried to break up the brawl. Seriously, where was Jay Z when this was going down? Here’s all the dirty deets.

Perez Hilton reports, Diddy defended his girl Cassie’s honor, after J. Cole got his party on and said some “inappropriate stuff” to his girlfriend. Naturally, Diddy a Scorpio wasn’t haven’t it and put the rapper on blast.

I guess Beyonce had her Wonder Woman suit on and tried to break up the fight. A source at the party said: “It was mayhem. Beyonce was yelling to stop and Jay Z was separating people and getting people away from Bey. We were all dancing and the fight breaks out, and it happened so quickly and bottles were crashing everywhere, and everyone was screaming. People got pushed into bottles.” Hmm, booze and babes don’t mix.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks something big is brewing for Diddy. Saturn in Scorpio has been banging on his door, making him feeling frustrated and creatively bored. Maybe he will change his name again or new business venture? Dump Cassie and hook up with a new chick?

For Beyonce a Virgo and Jay Z a Sagittarius, we think they will focus on being solid parents for Ivy Blue and keeping it real. When you’re number one, Astrochicks thinks they are just enjoying the view.

J. Cole an Aquarius, we think was probably messing with Diddy and these two egos collided. J.Cole is on his way up and Diddy may feel he’s on his way down. Naturally, both parties have denied the VMA scuffle but sources are saying it did go down.

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