Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik EngagedJust as we thought Zayn Malik’s life couldn’t get any better, he reveals he’s engaged to girlfriend and Little Mix beauty Perrie Edwards. As if being a member of the world’s biggest boy band wasn’t enough, the independent Capricorn bit the bullet and proposed to his girlfriend with a huge diamond ring which she proudly showcased at the ‘This Is Us’ premiere on Tuesday.

How did she break down the cautious Capricorn?

As a Capricorn, you’d expect Zayn to be fairly difficult to get close to, but it looks like Perrie has really stolen his heart considering he recently admitted he would ‘fly ten planes to go home and see her’. Saying that, the pair have been close ever since they met through the X-Factor, and they’ve probably got a lot in common as they both rose to fame very quickly through the TV talent show.

According to Perrie’s band mate, it was written in the stars

Perrie is a Cancer, so she obviously has a secret desire to feel safe and secure in every aspect of her life, including in her romantic relationships. It’s no surprise then, that she’s been hinting that she’d like to marry the One Direction star some day. She’s had her wedding song picked out for months (Christina Perrie’s ‘A Thousand Miles’, in case you were wondering), way before Zayn even popped the question. Her Little Mix band mate Jessie Nelson even told the Daily Star back in April that Perrie would be the first of the girls to get engaged, so it was pretty much written in the stars right from the beginning.

Are they a match made in heaven?

It would seem that Perrie’s enthusiasm about marrying Zayn since the start and his utter devotion to her makes them a match made in heaven. However, Capricorns are notoriously unemotional and distant, which might cause problems between the two later in life. It’s early days, and Zayn seems besotted with Perrie at the moment, but it’s likely that his Capricorn traits will come through in the end. Whether that will be enough for the Little Mix star who, as a Cancer, requires security and reassurance in her love life, is yet to be seen.

We really hope the two will live happily ever after, but who knows, Cancers and Capricorns aren’t exactly famous for their compatibility. Maybe Zayn should have had his decision to pop the question checked out by a Kooma psychic first?

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