justin bieber glassesThe stars of the silver screen seem to have a secret formula that prevents them from ever growing old, and many even become more attractive as the years go by.  Despite their skill at hiding the signs of aging, all will eventually lose their youthful appearance.  Thanks to clever Photoshop software we can now get a glimpse of what our favourite celebrities might look like in the future.  All the money and celebrity stylists in the world cannot delay the signs of aging forever, and this article takes a peek at what a few of the most famous people in the world might look like in later life.

Angelina Jolie, widely considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie has topped almost every ‘World’s Sexiest Women’ list ever published.  Despite currently being involved in her third marriage, a mother to six children, an Oscar winning actress, and a human rights activist, Angelina manages to look every inch the Hollywood movie star every time she steps out in public.  Her strong jawline and feline eyes look set to withstand the test of time, so don’t be surprised if Angelina becomes more beautiful as time goes on.

Johnny Depp,  has managed to build a successful career on his ability to completely alter his physical appearance for various movie roles.  Unfortunately the last few years have not been particularly kind to Johnny, and his changing facial features have led many to speculate whether or not he has gone under the knife.  If the current metamorphosis continues, fans may have to get used to a considerably different Johnny than the one they grew up with.

Mila Kunis, any young girl who has ever sat and wondered “what will I look like when I’m older?” will surely have had the beauty of Mila Kunis at the top of their wish list.  With huge brown eyes and a porcelain complexion, Mila has a rare beauty that will last well into her twilight years.

Justin Beiber, since his first appearance on YouTube, Justin Beiber has managed to conquer the world and has achieved a level of fame most stars can only dream about.  As many former child stars already know, being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age can quickly take its toll on a person’s face, and if Justin does not curb his recent wild antics he may soon start to show signs of premature aging.

Ryan Gosling, fans have already been treated to a glimpse of how Ryan Gosling might look in the future thanks to his role in Blue Valentine which required him to spend many hours in the make-up artist’s chair in order to play a much older man.  If Ryan grows into the balding, slightly chubby character that he portrayed in the movie, he may find himself stripped of his heartthrob status pretty quickly.

Despite their money and fame, Hollywood stars cannot stay young forever and all will eventually grow old and lose their fresh faced appeal.  Growing old gracefully is a rare phenomenon in Hollywood, but hopefully these stars will avoid the facelifts and Botox injections that have turned many formerly beautiful stars into walking caricatures.

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