BIG BROTHER 15 Spoilers, POV Winner, Aaryn Eviction This Week, UPDATE!

Big Brother 15 SpoilersIt’s a complete miracle or Big Brother 15 diabolical plot that Aaryn and Gina Marie still remain in the house. Fans disappointed by this seasons casting, has been shocked by both girls racist behavior and lack of remorse for their bad behavior. Will Aaryn finally be evicted this week or will her reign of terror continue? Here’s the latest BB15 spoilers.

Amanda won PoV this week, with Aaryn and McCrae up for BB15 eviction, fans are speculating whether or not she will save McCrae.  In fact, some of the Big Brother 15 boards have stated they think the competition is fixed. CBS keeping GinaMarie and Aaryn on board to drive ratings. Who are the REAL evil ones?

It seems Amanda can’t decide who she wants out more, Aaryn or Andy. Obviously, McCrae is pissed he’s up for eviction and he’s pushing Amanda to take him off the BB15 block.

Amanda and GinaMarie have a bitch fest over Elissa and discuss how they want her out of the house, now! The only issue is Big Brother 15 fan speculation is GM has a side deal with Elissa. Does she?

In other Big Brother 15 spoilers, Aaryn and GinaMarie’s lovefest is over and they had a huge cat fight. You can get all the nasty details here.

At this point of the competition, anyone left in the Big Brother 15 house have no one to trust but themselves. Personally, Astrochicks would HATE if Aaryn of GinaMarie made it to the BB15 final two. We’re looking forward to their eviction and finding out they lost their job. Even if CBS rewards their bad behavior, America won’t.


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