BACHELOR SEAN and CATHERINE Update, Wedding Plans and Breakup Rumors!

bachelor sean and catherine weddingHave Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice finally set a wedding date? The couple who became engaged earlier this year originally planned for a summer wedding. After claiming a hectic schedule, Bachelor Sean and Catherine postponed their nuptials, so he could appear on Dancing With the Stars. Here’s the latest Bachelor couples update.

Love reality style, can be a rough road to travel. Bachelor Sean and Catherine have been dogged by breakup rumors but appear to still being going strong. In fact, he recently told People magazine to expect a wedding soon.

A reborn again virgin, Bachelor Sean isn’t afraid to wait. Although Catherine is dying to get married, fans believe he may have a bad case of cold feet. “We’ve been talking about it a lot more so I imagine an annoucement will be made sometime in the near future,” Lowe recently told People. Hmm, that’s not exactly definitive.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, Bachelor Sean Lowe likes to be in control. A spiritual guy, he most likely wants to “feel” when it’s right to marry Catherine. On the flip side, his future wife is a Taurus. Catherine would be the exact opposite and is someone who HATES to wait.

In a recent interview, Bachelor Sean said about Catherine: “She’s a very passionate person, which means she’s an emotional person, but that’s so great. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Lowe said of his fiancée. “She’s someone who loves very hard and she’s wants to make sure that I’m happy all the time, and that puts a big responsibility on me because I have to make sure I reciprocate that.”

Astrochicks astrology translation of what Bachelor Sean said about Catherine. The couples relationship is a rollercoaster ride with lots of drama. Most likely, they fight quite a bit and may have caused a delay in the marriage. Passion can be hot, when you’re having lots of sex. For Bachelor Sean who doesn’t believe in “hot loving” before marriage, means Catherine is a pressure cooker of love, ready to explode. Astrochicks think she may be insecure and it could be the downfall of the relationship. Scorpios don’t like needy girls, although they LOVE drama!

In our previous astrology predictions, Astrochicks said that Bachelorette Desiree and Chris would marry before Bachelor Sean and Catherine. We still stand by that prediction. We think Desiree is much more anxious to become a wife and mom, with Chris thrilled to have her by his side. We hope we’re wrong and Bachelor Sean works it out. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. nah i don’t think he did and i’ve heard the next Day when he saw the girl he ignored her and she was pissed i mean i’m pretty sure they would’ve offered her to came on his season of the Bachelor not true he just not seem that type of guy! i don’t think his relationship with Catherine is PR HE genuinely loves and adores her i think they’re the real deal

  2. In all of Catherine’s interviews, she seems like a lusty and fun girl. She talks about how hot and hunky Bachelor Sean is. She can’t believe he’s all yours. He’s a reborn again virgin and she has to wait until the honeymoon….Hmmm, that would be tough. On the flip side, one of my Bachelor insiders told me he hooked up with another former castmate before he appeared on the reality show. So, maybe it’s a PR stunt.

  3. hmmmm funny you think Sean is the one who doesn’t wanna get married i do believe it’s Catherine having cold feet! Sean seems really in love with her shes always seems a bit off when they’re doing interviews. i think Sean really loves her and will marry her hopefully she doesn’t screw it up

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