REAL HOUSEWIVES OC Reunion Spoilers, Vicki and Donn Back Together?

real housewives of orange countyThe Real Housewives of Orange County jumped on the crazy train tonight and rode it all the way to the reunion. The Botox babes and their cat claws were out, dishing some serious drama. Front and center was Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi, both trying to throw each other under the bus. Warning, spoilers ahead.

The first RHOC Reunion shocker, Vicki revealed she’s still married to Donn. Seriously? Can’t she afford to get a divorce yet or does she want her husband back? Also, Vicki talks about her breakup with Brooks AGAIN, really, who cares. Besides, Vicki’s still married and doesn’t want to give Donn any cash. How much is she worth anyway? According to Celebrity Net Worth, our Aries girl is a multi millionaire.

Gretchen’s still denies she cheated on Jeff. Can’t they let this poor man rest in peace? Do they really need to discuss this on Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion again? After all, Jeff has kids and everything, time to move on ladies and show some class.

When it comes to love, Gretchen and Slade, hope to have a TV wedding also. I’m not sure if they’re as interesting as Tamra and Eddie, but you never know. The Scorpio couple could definitely stir up some drama and it would be nice to see them tie the knot.

For Tamra, she’s still her Virgo bitchy self. Riding both sides of the fence, she’s now pitching for Vicki’s team. I guess Andy is setting up the RHOC drama for next season. Gretchen versus everyone else.

Heather is pretentious as always, claiming she’s an actress. A guest stint on Malibu Country and Hot in Cleveland, hardly makes you Emmy worthy!

For Lydia, she’s a little quirky but knows how to hold her own. Astrochicks likes her and we hope Andy invites her back next season.

For other RHOC Reunion spoilers, click here. Enjoy!


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  1. Heather has done much more than 2 guest stints. She’s been acting since the mid 90’s and was a regular on several TV shows. She took a break when she started having her children.

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