TERESA GIUDICE Fraud Update, Juicy Joe Divorce, Real Housewives Jail Rumors!

teresa and joe giudiceTeresa Giudice and husband Juicy Joe’s arrest last week, has sent Real Housewives of New Jersey fans spinning. After being charged with 39 counts of fraud, the couple was released on $500k bond each, but both face some serious jail time. What’s the latest update on Teresa and Joe? What has Andy Cohen said about the reality couple? Here’s the latest RHONJ update and rumors.

Well, no doubt the stars have collided for Teresa Giudice a Taurus and her husband Joe. Saturn in Scorpio, opposes her Sun in Taurus, placing her at odds with anyone in authority including the IRS and Bravo bosses.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Carolyn Manzo, appeared on the popular talk show. Of course, Andy Cohen, asked the outspoken Real Housewives Virgo mom, what she thought of Teresa Giudice’s fraud case. Carolyn kept it classy, stating it was much too serious of a matter to make light of it or gossip.

Astrochicks is surprised that Bravo and Andy Cohen have held a code of silence since the announcement is made. Are the rumors true they may cancel Real Housewives of New Jersey show? Or fire the star of the show, Teresa Giudice, for her messy financial woes?

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks previously predicted that Joe Giudice would serve jail time. Also, our astrology prediction is Teresa Giudice will file for divorce to put distance between her and her husband. Not because she doesn’t love him, but someone has to take the fall for the fraud charges and it’s not going to be Teresa. After how poorly her husband has treated her, Astrochicks, thinks that Joe will man up and show how much he loves his family by going to jail.

For Teresa Giudice, Astrochicks predicts Bravo will keep her for one more season. We do believe her role will be minimized, making Melissa and Joe Gorga the stars of RHONJ and giving Melissa’s family featured roles on the hit reality show. In addition, they will introduce new Real Housewives and slowly fade Teresa out of the limelight.

Teresa a Taurus is a tough cookie. Over the next two years, she will face serious challenges in her life but will rise above it. Sadly, many “haters” have expressed happiness at her fraud charges. For Astrochicks, we believe everyone makes mistakes and wish only the best for her and her kids. Hopefully, she can work out a payment plan to pay her creditors back. Stay tuned, Teresa and Joe, will be back in court at the end of the month.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.

Website: http://www.astrochicks.com

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