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BACHELORETTE Desiree Spoilers, Zak Waddell or Drew Kenney Next Bachelor, UPDATE!

Zak Waddell BachelorAfter Bachelorette Desiree hands out the final rose, who will be chosen as the next Bachelor. Will ABC choose heartbroken Jef Holm, with his swoon worthy good looks? Or will one of Bachelorette Desiree’s rejects, Drew Kenney or Zak Waddell, follow in Bachelor Sean’s footsteps? Here’s the latest casting rumors and gossip.

Zak Waddell an Aries, celebrates his birthday on July 26, 1982  Drew Kenney also an Aries, celebrates his on April 9, 1985. Wow, two fire signs vying for the Bachelor title. Who will win fans hearts?

Both born under Leo, the most masculine sign of the zodiac, (did you see those abs), Drew and Zak, naturally project sexiness and confidence. Both are big and strong, who know how to get a girls attention but have issues in keeping it.

For Zak Waddell his Moon in Libra, opposes his Sun in Leo. He’s charming, good looking and falls in love easily. Zak’s Venus in Pisces, makes him romantic and overly sensitive. To win a girls heart, he needs to lead with his masculine Aries energy. Once his lady love has fallen in love, it will be safe for Zak to show his softer side. Unfortunately with Bachelorette Desiree, he lead with his goofy side and she parked him in the friend zone.

We think Drew Kenney has gotten a bad wrap. Many Bachelorette fans have questioned his sexuality. A Ford model, he’s paid to look smoking hot and can appear socially awkward. Astrochicks believes it was reality show jitters, in real life, we think Drew is much more macho in person.

Drew Kenney’s Moon in Sagittarius, makes him brutally honest and free spirited. His Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus, makes him a sexual dynamo in bed. A determined lover, he probably enjoys three to six hour marathon sex sessions.  Don’t let that pretty face fool you. He has a public side and a very naughty private side.

If ABC chooses Drew Kenney, we think he’s ready to step into the leading man role of The Bachelor.  Our astrology prediction, he would choose a girl and get engaged but wouldn’t get married. Either way, fame and fortune are waiting for Drew in Hollywood.

For Zak Waddell, he has Astrochicks vote. Zak’s ready to find true love and would make the perfect Bachelor. It would be romantic and sweet, with lots of emotional drama.  Astrologically, we think the stars are aligned for Zak as the next Bachelor, but Drew’s movie star looks may win out.


  2. I agree with Lexi Drew is so cute and would make the perfect bacelor not only for his looks but also for his heart.

  3. Zak would be an excellent bachelor. He is fun and sexy and looking for his soul mate. Yes, Drew is hotter, but he seems reserved and almost a bit boring.

  4. I hope Drew will be next Bachelor!

  5. I agree with the two girls, Drew is really cute. I personally would love for him to be the next bachelor and he’s just someone you can just stare at all day.Also, Zak have to lay off the tan(it not unattractive). No girl will date a guy who’s a tanned so them.


  6. Drew, Juan Pablo, or Zak

  7. I agree with guy,Drew would a great bachelor

  8. Drew is really cute. He would be Good Bachelor

  9. I hope Drew will be the next Bachelor!


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