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VICKI GUNVALSON Update, Brooks Not Cheating, Laurie Lying?

vicki gunvalsonVicki Gunvalso, continues to be in denial over ex boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, cheating ways. She claims that Laurie Peterson lied about Brooks, to get more air time on Real Housewives of Orange County and wants to return to the popular reality show. Here’s the latest Real Housewives OC update!

Last week on Real Housewives, Vicki had a botox meltdown after it was revealed ex boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was dating a porn star. LOL, she must be looking for 15 minutes of fame, Brooks definitely doesn’t scream rockstar in Astrochicks book.

Vicki Gunvalson an Aries girl, definitely is one proud mama and hates to admit when she’s wrong. Unfortunately, when it comes to love, Vicki doesn’t seem to have much confidence. She’s still a pretty girl and should be able to hook a successful OC guy, but instead chooses men who treat her poorly.

Astrologically speaking, we don’t hear wedding bells ringing for Vicki and Brooks. In fact, we believe by Christmas she will breakup with Brooks one last time. Afterward, we see a new love in 2014, that could definitely lead to marriage and a lifetime of happiness.

To find her Prince Charming, we think our Real Housewives star will need a little help. Perhaps, Patti Stanger might be able to hook a girl up. Otherwise, we hope Vicki Gunvalson will look to friends for a love match. For Brooks, we think he will go back to his bad boy ways and move on to a much younger girl. Stay tuned.

  1. It is time to remove Vickie G. from C Housewives. She does nothing now but cause problems and fights and many viewers are now tired of this weekly misery so she should stick to selling insurance and find a new life elsewhere.


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