true blood spoilersThe perfect gift for all of those intrepid Zombie, Werewolf and Vampire enthusiasts – a few hours, completely immersed in the apocalyptic underworld, fighting for survival and safety. If this sounds like something you could totally get your fangs into then this is one experience you do not want to miss. Pick your poison, pick your venue and spend your day getting your zombie/werewolf/vampire game on. Fight your way through deserted shopping malls and haunted manor houses, crawl through ditches, and fend for your life, as you and your team deal with the horror and grueling zombie onslaught.

Nerves of Steel

Brace yourselves and get your team together; each experience requires a minimum of 15 players up to 36 split into teams, depending on which experience you pick for your adventure in the world of the undead. You will be fixed up with protective gear, all the kit you will need and the ever-important weapons. Armed with air-soft weaponry, the obligatory eye protection, and after a crash course in how to operate all your gear and arsenal, you are out there on your own, ready to battle the zombie war with your Special Forces vampire/zombie or werewolf-snuffing squad right behind you.

The Roar of the Wolf

Hunting werewolves is slightly more terrifying; with some basic weapons and every ounce of tenacity and strength you have got to get out there and vanquish the demons of the underworld, you and your friends get the chance to hunt them down in the dark. With just minimal basic training, some traps, gloves, waterproofs and sheer guts, you will enter the werewolves’ very own turf and make your way into unknown and treacherous territory on your mission. The adventure games are not only a great escape from reality; they give participants a chance to role play, and get away from the desk playing computer games, suited up for a staged game organized to feel like the real deal.

Blood Thirsty

Intrepid vampire hunters will be enthralled by the chance to be scared out of their wits with the real life vampire hunter experience. On your quest to hunt down and vanquish the Queen of the Vampires, you will be provided with all the knowledge, gear and weapons that you will need to succeed on your mission. Ex- military instructors will be on hand to walk you through, and try and prepare you for the horror and action that awaits you. You will go through ”levels” which are classified as vampire lairs. After each level, you will have a chance to re-arm, re-group, get your nerves in check and proceed, full speed ahead.

If zombies are more your thing than werewolves and vampires, no fear; games are just as easily organized for thrills and spills, murder and mayhem in spooky graveyards and ethereal woodlands.

These fantasy games are great for teens and young adults, and are super popular among stag nights and birthday parties. If you are looking for the ultimate adventure gift for that special someone in your life, then you can purchase a voucher for one person, or for a group. If you book a big enough group, they may even be able to arrange a private experience for you and your mates. Does this kind of adventure appeal to you?

Written by Katie Garbett, a self confessed thrill seeker and lifestyle explorer. She enjoys sharing her experiences and insights on various lifestyle blogs. Find out more about how you could drive a tank at Wish.

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