kris jenner divorceOn Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jennfer continues to nag her husband. In a recent episode of their reality show, Bruce Jenner, moved into a Malibu bachelor pad because he was tired of his wife’s controlling ways. Which has fueled rumors, that the reality couple are headed towards divorce. Are they true or was the storyline scripted for Keeping Up With the Kardashians show?

According to Popbytes, Kris and Bruce Jenner are definitely dialing divorce lawyers. Kim Kardashian’s mom is wrapped up in her new talk show and Bruce feels ignored. A source says, “Bruce wanted to go to marriage counseling with Kris several months ago. The marriage has been in trouble for a very long time, and had only continued to go downhill. Bruce and Kris have become more like roommates, and there is just no romance in the relationship,” a source close to the couple tells Radar. “Kris refused to go because she didn’t think anything was wrong and was happy with the status quo. She felt that it would just be a waste of time. This was one of the main reasons why Bruce got his own rental house in Malibu. If she didn’t want to work at the relationship, why should Bruce.”

Both born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, Kris and Bruce Jenner, are definitely facing a crossroads in their marital life. Both love to be in control and don’t know how to forgive and forget.

For Bruce, he will have no problem scoring another trophy wife. For Kris Jenner, she’s an attractive woman but Hollywood is not kind to chicks over 50. She might attract a boy toy but he won’t love her like Bruce does.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks Kris and Bruce definitely need a time out. Over the next two years, Saturn in Scorpio, will not be kind to their marriage. Kris needs to learn to be less selfish, she’s going to miss her man and want him back.

Hopefully, Bruce will take this time to grow closer to his two sons. They really need his love and support right now and time can heal all wounds. Otherwise, they will be riding the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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