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BACHELORETTE DESIREE Spoilers, Engaged and Wedding News, Jef Holm or Arie Next Bachelor, RUMOR UPDATE!

Jef Holm and Arie Next Bachelor 2013Bachelorette Desiree is in love and engaged. Who received the final rose and is engaged to the cute bridal stylist? More importantly, who will be the next Bachelor. Will Mike Fleiss choose Drew from Bachelorette Desiree’s season or will he choose someone from Emily Maynard’s complicated past? Warning, Bachelorette and Bachelor spoilers ahead, along with some juicy gossip.

It’s no secret, Bachelorette Desiree’s season is a dud. Astrochicks loves her, but there’s not enough drama this season. She’s way too nice and so are her guys. It was obvious from episode one, Bachelorette Desiree only had eyes for Brooks. She’s a Cancer girl, who’s a loyal and a loving girlfriend. Sure she made out with a few guys but only had eyes for Brooks.

When it comes to love, Bachelorette Emily was a heartbreaker and a bad girl, she made great reality TV. Unfortunately, she left a trail of broken hearts in breakup city, including Jef Holm and Arie.

According to Bachelor Sean, he thinks Jef Holm should be the next Bachelor. Not only is Jef a good looking hipster, he’s a spiritual guy with lots of cash.Both Jef Holm a Leo and Arie a Virgo, are rumored to be interested in becoming the next Bachelor. If it’s up to fans, Astrochicks thinks they would probably prefer Arie but Jef Holm would be more fun and interesting. Plus, Jef Holm had his heart broke when he caught Bachleorette Emily cheating on him and deserves a second chance at reality love. Also, with Leo men you can expect him to bring lots of drama and passion. Arie a Virgo, we predict is more interested in fame versus love.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks thinks the stars are aligned for Bachelorette Desiree and her future husband Brooks. She’s ready to be a wife and mom. In fact, we think she will get married before Bachelor Sean and Catherine. She has Brooks wrapped around her pretty little finger and will do whatever his girl wants.

For Jef Holm a Leo, he’s been spotted at the beach with his bros, he posted some pics on Instagram, enjoying his summer vacation in San Clemente, California. When it comes to love, Jef recently split from ex girlfriend, Katianna Bear. These two were hotter than hot, for about a minute but parted ways.  According to Jef, love should be mad and passionate, if not it’s a waste of his time. There are too many things in life that are mediocre and love should not be one of them. Love it, Astrochicks definitely agrees with Sean, he should be the next Bachelor.

Either way, Scorpio in Saturn will reveal some juicy secrets about our favorite Bachelorette and Bachelor stars. They should be revealed later this summer. If you want to be considered for the next Bachelor, casting info is here. Good luck!


  1. I wanted her to pick Brooks from their first date. When I watch the show though, I don’t see that she only has eyes for him. What I see is her sticking her tongue down almost every guys throat. I am so happy that she chooses Brooks in the end! Also I never liked Jef from Emily’s season and was so disappointed she picked him over Arie. I hope Arie is the next Bachelor or maybe even Juan Pablo.

  2. I see your point. As I continue to watch the show, I find her to be incredibly insecure and she feels like no one will ever love her. When Brooks hesitates to introduce her to her family, I think that sealed the deal. I say this because all the other guys seemed so interested. She expects rejection and runs towards it. I still think she will marry Brooks and they will be happy. I like her but the season has been boring. I would like to see Juan Pablo or even Zak Waddell. I love him.

  3. I like Arie a lot, but I vote Chris for next Bachelor. He’s so sweet and genuine and SUPER cute!!!

  4. Drew should be the next Bachelor! He is stunning!! So even if the show is not meaty enough with drama, we still get 12 weeks of the best eye candy I’ve seen on prime time TV in a long while.



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