ethan hawke the purgeLast weekend, The Purge movie, topped the box office and pushed Fast and Furious out of first place. The high concept thriller, stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, as two scared shitless parents who try to protect their home and family.

The Purge, fast forwards movie fans to a not-too-distant future, where rampant crime and prison overcrowding have inspired the U.S. government implement a new law to restore the peace: Each year, for a 12-hour period, any and all crime becomes permissible as police put their jobs on hold, and hospitals close their doors. The annual event leads to drastically reduced crime and record-low unemploymentethan hawke the purge levels throughout the rest of the year. But this year, as suburban parents James and Mary place their home on lockdown for the annual event, a desperate man finds his way into their neighborhood while fleeing a sadistic gang of masked killers. In a moment of compassion, James and Mary’s young son unlocks the door, offering sanctuary to the frightened stranger. After that, all hell breaks loose and the family has to fight for their lives.

In a new interview, Ethan Hawke, discusses the parallel between The Purge and real life. What if 100 years from now, we lived in this type of society?

Clearly the moral of The Purge is the only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good guy with a gun, just like the NRA told me.

Ethan Hawke says,  “It’s a very strange oxymoron — the movie is an extremely violent film with an extremely anti-violent message. I mean, if you watch the actor Edwin Hodge run through a gated community [while] being shot at and not think of Trayvon Martin, then you’re missing the point of the movie. But I think what’s clear is that the movie is also a lot of fun. I think any good genre film does that. Even Sinister, which was a genre movie that I made [last year] — that’s really a genre movie disguised as a cautionary tale about how a father puts ambition at the forefront of his life and it lets the demon in the door. And in Sinister, it’s an actual literal demon. So my point is that I think what’s funny about The Purge is that if you are an NRA guy, I don’t know what you make out of it. People usually generally see what they want to see anyway. And whether you like The Purge or don’t like The Purge, it’s undeniable that it works as an allegory. I mean, that’s what’s cool about it.”

Astrologically speaking, Ethan Hawke born on November 6, 1970 is a Scorpio. Strong, passionate and outspoken, he’s not afraid to face his inner demons.  The former husband of Uma Thurman,  Hawke is a great-grandnephew of Tennessee Williams on his father’s side.

Astrochicks sees a big year ahead for Ethan Hawke. Our astrology prediction, Hawke will win  an award for his portrayal in Before Midnight. For his film, The Purge, it will be a box office smash and he will go on to star in several more sequels. Hawke, definitely knows how to work the Scorpio magic. You can view, The Purge, move trailer here. SCARY!

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