ben and angela, ready for loveReady for Love winner, Angela Zatopek a Leo, may have stolen Ben Patton’s heart but sadly the engagement is off. In a new interview with Astrochicks, Angela describes her experience on the dating show, Ben’s breakup and how she fell in love, reality style. Warning, Ready for Love spoilers ahead.

What was the casting process like for Ready for Love? I have never been through a casting process before so I am not  sure what to compare it to. I will say on casting for the show though it was mainly featured on questions of what Your background was and what  your beliefs were when it came to dating. As NBC announced , instead of  using casting  they used the 3 matchmakers, Tracy McMillan, Matthew  hussy and Amber Kelleher on the show.

Who were the mean girls on Ready for Love? There were not any “mean girls” On the show. Many fans have  actually noted how they find it interesting that we all have such a  close friendship After the series ended. Since they did Casting based on similarities and interests,  we all actually end up having a lot in  common…gave it a very sorority house feel. Obviously there had been  some drama, but I made sure to try to steer clear of it and everybody is friendly with one another today with so much time that has passed.

Did you get to meet Eva Longoria? What was she like? Yes I got to meet her during the show, but mainly got to know her  after the show wrapped when I would be with Ben. There were multiple  times I had seen her in LA and we also traveled to Las Vegas for the  grand opening of “She”, located near the Aria Hotel. She is a really  down to earth person and very sweet!

Congrats on winning. Are you still with Ben? If not, why did you break up? Thank you. Ben and I were together a long time after the season  ended but it was very strenuous to be in hiding and apart for so long so we decided to be friends at this point.

What was he like in real life versus television? The main difference was he obviously was not also paired with 11  other women! We share a lot in common when it comes to interests and he  is very work oriented.

Are you aware of the rumor Eva is dating one of the other cast members? Yes and I know that it is untrue. Everyone is just close in the  “Ready For Love” family since it has been the last year of all of our  lives.

Do you think the show portrayed you accurately? Yes and no. When viewers watch the show, it seems to not give as  much information about who I am aside from a choice I made, which is to  wait until marriage. That is a choice, not a characteristic or quality.  There is so much about me and my interests they didn’t show which is  what made Ben and I so compatible. I am huge into fitness, outdoors,  sports and travel.. these things or sides of me weren’t really portrayed through what was shown.

What was the deal between Ben and his ex girlfriend? Did you like her? I did like Kari and she actually was one of the only girls to call me after the finale aired as crazy as that sounds from a viewer  standpoint.

Did the Producers feed you lines or was the process natural? I don’t think anything about the process was “natural” given the  nature of women competing for someone, but yes my feelings were real.

Would you appear on another reality show? As of now I am focused on “real” life and not seeking another  reality show. During the filming however, cameras and production were  not foreign to me. When I went to college at the University of Texas at  Austin, I was a  sports reporter with Fox and CBS College sports for  three years. I still continue to do work in broadcasting and would love  to get back on the field full time.

What did you love most about the show? What did you hate the most?  I loved working with and getting to know so many people from  all different backgrounds on the show and probably hated how we were  completely cut off from society and technology during  about stir crazy!

Astrologically speaking, Angela born on August 7th, shares the same zodiac sign as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Julia Roberts. You can usually pick out a Leo girl from a crowd – she’s the sexiest girl in the room, with the brightest smile, and the most confident strut of them all. It’s safe to say, Angela, will have no problem finding love again.  We predict she will marry a professional athlete within the next 3 years.

For Ben Patton, he’s such a career driven guy, he will continue to be married to his job. Born on May 22,  he’s a Gemini and still not “ready for love.” Astrochicks predicts he will be that 40 something guy, who marries his secretary. Just saying!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.