bachelor sean and catherine weddingAre the Bachelor Sean and Catherine breakup rumors true or are they busy making romantic wedding plans? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean gossip and rumor update.

After DWTS, Bachelor Sean has sidelined his plans to return to Dallas and has opted to stay in LA with his fiancé. Still living separately, the couple have opted to wait on sex before marriage. Will that be recipe for a happily ever after or cause them to split?

In a new interview, Bachelor Sean revealed that no date has been set to marry Catherine. Although, they have decided to opt for the televised wedding, where they will earn lots of cash and prizes.

Bachelor Sean says, “Having the ceremony in LA makes sense both for the families and for the Bachelor wedding special, Sean explains: “If we do the televised wedding, which it looks like we will, it just makes more sense since that production crew is in the LA area — and her family is in Seattle, mine is in Dallas, LA is a good meeting point.”

Astrologically speaking, Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, claimed in early January he wouldn’t pursue a Hollywood career. Flash forward to May 2013, he’s whistling a different tune.

Considered the golden boy and the most popular Bachelor, he continues to be pursued by several Hollywood offers and rumor is if he marries Catherine, they will get their own spin off reality show.

Previously, Astrochicks has predicted the couple will not marry. Originally, the wedding date was set for August and postponed. Now, Bachelor Sean has to decide on his various career offers, while his loyal girlfriend, Catherine, waits in the wings.

Personally, we would love to see a Bachelor Sean and Catherine reality show. Expect more announcements this summer, stay tuned.

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