MARRIED TO MEDICINE Reunion, Toya and Kari Fired, Casting Rumor Update!

married to medicine mariahMarried to Medicine’s reunion ended with a cliff hanger. Queen Bee, Mariah Huq, told Andy Cohen one of the doctors housewives may not be invited back next season. Who’s on the chopping block? Will Tacky Toya or Kari Wells get fired? Here’s the latest Married to Medicine spoilers, cast rumors and update.

This season, the Married to Medicine cast was divided in three seperate camps. Mariah and Quad on one side, Toya and Kari on another side, and Dr. Jackie & Dr. Simone squarely in the middle.

It’s no secret, Mariah Huq who’s the Executive Producer of the show, has hiring and firing power. Of course, you need lots of drama on the show, so why would she get rid of Toya and Kari. Although, Toya did cross the line and hates to admit she’s wrong.

In Kari Wells new Bravo blog, she writes: “For the entire season I have endured the wrath of Mariah and her family,” blogged Kari. “I cannot help but wonder what it could have been like for me had I always agreed with her ways, no matter what, as Quad did. Quad was concerned that Mariah considers herself connector of the ladies … so Quad worries that speaking out against Mariah will have a negative impact on her.”

For Toya Harris, she’s like a pitbull in a china shop. The Married to Medicine housewive continues to be a legend in her own mind, stating her husband is above Dr. Huq. Seriously? Have a seat girl! You’re believing your own hype!

For Married to Medicine casting rumors, Andy Cohen has spin off plans for Miami and New York, which means Mariah will continue to ring the cast register for seasons to come.

As far as cast changes, we think all six cast members will return to Married to Medicine. Astrochicks loves the show and we’re looking forward to a new season. Stay tuned.




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  1. Mariah and Quad are supposed to be doctors wives, and yet they speak like they live in the hood! How unprofessional is that! It makes Atlanta Doctors look very bad!!

  2. Mariah and Quad, You both are two disrespectful people who is so far from bein ladies. You both are ghetto fide and so phony with the friendship. Even best friends don,t agree on everything and all each other do. It showed when Quad went to Dr.Jackie…. Mariah you were so disrespectful to her at the squeeze and Quad wanted Dr.J to know that she was not on that disrespect with you. But outside that Quad is a puppet and if she needs to kiss ass to stay on tv then chew all of Mariah ass you like…

  3. Love this show…They can get rid of both Kari and Toya in my book…they are snakes in the grass…The 1st time they showed Toya in a room with Quad, she confronted her in a room full of guest about a called off wedding text (messy)…Then Kari went in on Quad (messy)…Yet they are suppose to be classy??? Both Kari and Toya have lied all season…Kari says malicious rude comments to people and then says that she has a dry sense of humor (really) and if someone comes back and says something rude to her in return then she is offended (really)…Toya has been caught twice driving under the influence with her husband in the car (that screams drunk and drinking problem) and she is in denial, which could lead to a serious accident…These two clowns need to go…replace them with two other women…

  4. I really love Mariah and feel that Kari and Toya need to leave the show.The idea of the show is not the issue but it was Mariahs’ idea.If all you want is to slander people than by all means do so everyone is entitled to their opinion.I felt bad that Toya could not use proper english she said Mariah and I’ze situation really I’ze WTF! THERE was something else Toya tried to say and I just CRINGED!Well Because some don’t have compassion to understand there are just somethings you should not do and Toya did them let it go.Toya really had it in for Mariah straight up jealous Toya is a jerk burning a childs outfit take lessons from Mariah seetie you need life skills Mariah is like NeNe she can help you (hoodrat) all up Karis’ butt sickening.I saw dog in Toya all the way from day one reeeeeal sneaky I called it before it jumped off!Thank God for Quad she brings it in your face love her a true sister and friend to Mariah.Hate Toya and Karis’ spouses simply the woooooorst.Smart men calm a situation like Dr Simmones spouse.Mariah put them all on the map and to say they squashed it and see how Kari with her anorexic ugly nit picking self kept saying nasty things all with good sense know she is full of hipocracy! She was never anyones friend friends like her you don’t need/She (Kari) want money and wants it bad!Dr.Simmone country bumpkin get your teeth fixedseems desperate to appear cool Dr Jackie straight up square no soul Mariah does not need criticism from any of them just be supportive and start acting mature like adults.Don;t ever uninvite someone to a party like what was done to Mariah that was dist
    asteful.I love analyzing/Mariah was not treated fairly or with compassion to God be the glory Ilove you sooo much and am proud of you lead by example was trueYou apologized so move on but Toua could have waited and to throw a drink in your face you had to tag that ass and you did it very well Amen!

  5. Love Mariah, get rid of Toya, what she did was off-limits. Plus no one seemed to realize who it really seemed to affect and the was Dr. Huq, Mariah’s husband. The night the men got together he showed that he was very hurt & angry.

  6. Mariah had an awesome idea coming up with married to medicine. I think its better than the housewives. I think Mariah needs to keep everyone up there and just keep getting paid. I think they represent themselves and they do it well. I will watch every married to medicine show they come up with. Get those coins Mariah. As Quad would say let them catch fire.

  7. love Mariah and quad. kari is a star in her own mind with her bigly ways. If shes so rich like she seems to think why is she on the show.a phony slut.

  8. Mariah is a smart woman, with an education. Were you come from do not make you low class. She knows something she’s hood rat all the way to the bank. If your black stop degrading your own race.

  9. I agree that Quad and Mariah are too catty…loud and over the top!. Mariah can never seem to let things go especially with the fact that Toya spilled the beans about her daughter being adopted.Mariah claims that it was a family secret…yet everyone on the show knew about it. I actually liked Mariah at first…then after I saw the fight with Toya my opinion of her changed.. Her mother is a trip too…she was beating Toya with her purse during the fight! So tacky…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! The fact that she refused that attacking Toya was wrong made me see what type of person that she really is…then she didn’t even bother apologizing to Kari about fighting at her house?! Pure trash. What was DR. Huq thinking when he married her? He seems like decent guy…I guess opposites attract! Mariah calls her self a “Blackadeshian” princess…but she should start calling herself “Trashadeshian”….

  10. Lakeshia (aka Mariah) is a hood rat, like her sister and her mama. Quad is right there also. They should all take their ‘country grammar’ back where they came from. If Bravo drops anyone it should be them.

  11. How in the hell did Mariah get to be Exec. Producer. What background does she have with that mouth? Quad and Mariah are trash and should be the ones to go.

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