married to medicine mariahMarried to Medicine star, Toya Bush-Harris, definitely is not feeling the love from Bravo fans. She’s doing damage control, after revealing that Mariah’s daughter was adopted by Dr. Aydin. In a new interview, she addresses the Married to Medicine drama and wants fans to know her side of the story. Here it is!

In Toya’s new interview with S2S Magazine, she continues to throw shade on Mariah and her Mama. The Married to Medicine star claims she meant no disrespect. She says, “There would have been no right time for her,” said Toya, explaining why she didn’t wait until after the shindig to speak to Mariah about her mom’s comments. Though she did want to discuss Mariah’s mom, Toya said she would never disrespect an elder.” Seriously, Astrochicks thinks she can’t control her temper.

On revealing Mariah and Dr. Aydin’s family secret, Toya says: “Did [Mariah] speak to me in terms of ‘this is family secret’? No,” said Toya, who explained that she shared the information with her husband. “He never knew it was a secret.” She forgot to mention, she told her hair dresser as well.

What about the Married to Medicine reunion? Can fans expect lots of drama and more family secrets revealed? You can read the rest of the S2S interview here, enjoy!

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