ROBERT PATTINSON Update, Birthday Love, Kristen Stewart Rumors, Astrology Predictions!

rob pattinsonHappy Birthday Robert Pattinson! Does his girl, Kristen Stewart, have some sexy plans for her man? What does the future hold for our favorite Taurus and his lady love? Here’s Rob’s birthday astrology predictions, along with the latest update on his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

A friend of Kristen’s tells EXCLUSIVELY, “Kristen is super excited to totally spoil Rob on his birthday this Monday. She is getting his charts done — his astrological charts from a really cool numerologist.” Hmm, well they didn’t call Astrochicks. 🙂

When it comes to love, Rob a Taurus and Kristen an Aries, together they produce sparks; on that fact you can rely. But, can the volatile energy between Mars and Venus last over the long haul? We’re not so sure. Rob’s made the commitment but Kristen needs to tone it down.

Taurus boys are all action, and show their love by doing romantic and thoughtful things for the ones they love.  Free spirited and honest, the Aries woman love an adventure and is curious if the grass is really greener on the other side. Hopefully, the dramatic fall out over her tryst with Rupert has made her realize cheating isn’t worth it. If it happens again, Astrochicks thinks Rob would definitely leave her, FOREVER!

Rob Pattinson born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, definitely has an interesting year ahead of him. Here’s Astrochicks birthday astrology predictions for our favorite actor.

It’s no secret, Rob Pattinson has a wicked sense of humor and extremely loyal guy. We recommend he sticks to his positive way of seeing life, even though his on again and off again girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, will bring challenges. This also applies to all the haters out there. You can’t help who you love, you may breakup up with Kristen a million times but that’s your biz.

Rob will continue to challenge himself artistically, Astrochicks predicts a new movie project, where Pattinson will try his hand at directing. The real freedom in his world will come from what he does creatively, whether it’s film or music.

When it comes to friends and family, Rob Pattinson will need to set new boundaries. He needs to remove any negative people, who create chaos or bring drama in his life. Also, he needs to watch his pocket book. Some financial issues may come up for him this year.

Sending out lots of birthday love to Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, lets hope they make it a good one.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Kristen carried Rob? In what way and on what planet? He has his own career. He’s a good actor, working with incredible actors and directors. He’s in demand from respected filmmakers. What in the world makes you think she CARRIES him in any way? Mulligan stated that Hold Onto Me is a independent film and they struggle to get financing no matter what. Even Brad Pitt has trouble getting independent films financed. Respected director James Marsh will direct this film. Guy Pearce said that he was very impressed with Rob after working with him in The Rover. You are lying. You are smearing a good man, and I don’t get why. He has fans of all ages, too. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean what you’re saying is the truth. BTW, they have now broken up. I’m sure he tried his best to make this relationship work. He has a beautiful personality, and lovely way about him. Very humble. But make no mistake. He’s confident. His sisters attest to this. Hopefully he can concentrate on his new film Maps To The Stars starting in July, and forget about his personal issues for a while. He’ll meet someone who makes him laugh and doesn’t roll their eyes at him all the time. And also doesn’t lie to him. He deserves someone lovely like him. Happy belated Birthday, Rob!

  2. Kristen, dump the bum. he is a drunk, and can think of no on but himself and the bottle and what people think of him.
    you did a good thing when you gave him his career( yes, he would not have one if Kristen didn’t pick him for twilight)( he’d still be singing drunk in the bars in London), you owe him nothing more. if someone cheats in a relationship, it mean that, that person is looking for something they are not getting at home. you loved him, he cheated a dozen of times( we all know it) because Kristen is a trusting person until rob, and all of the so called hushed hushed affair on the sets he was working on????please, yes he was cheating a drunk can’t stay faithful. if he wants a meaning relationship he needs to keep his fly zipped, hands to himself, and go to AA. he can not carry a movie on his own, he only wants to do movies with a lot of nudity and weird sex, so rob you might want to go back to singing. (oh, don’t forget you tip jar).
    Kristen, get back to work, you are and have been a great actress before rob came along and you will be again as always when the bum is gone. one less worry. you don’t have to carry him anymore. you have proved you are a great actress many times by the performances you have done plus, the many, many, many Oscar winning actors and actresses you have worked with and love you and your work, and still praises you and your work and working with you. rob is holding you back because he is making you and you feel like you need to carry him. NO YOU DON’T. date some that loves you and trust you and can give you what you need and want, and is just as confidence in his career and life as you, look to maybe james franco, or taylor kitsch. both fine actors and do good work in charities as well. get back out there , girl in the world and back to your charities, and let the drinking drunken bum find out for himself there was a reason he wasn’t working in the u k, no talent, and every actor will see it in the u s as well. even guy pearce wasn’t that impressed with him, and carey mulligan canceled (or put off) the movie that she and rob was suppose to do stating a scheduling difficulties, they both don’t have anything else, she too from the u k knows, he has no talent and doesn’t want to work with him. so, that should tell everyone something,he has no talent and can not act,the only fans he has is teeny boppers, and middle aged housewives, and lonely cougars.

  3. @Jacy. Another astrologer said if kristen marries before the age of 35 to anyone it’s going to be a guaranteed divorce. Do you think this is true by her chart? She seems really immature and she seems like she need to do a lot of growing up before she can really settle.

  4. @anon – I agree. I can only imagine living in a fish bowl makes it hard to date. Also, if you’re on location, etc. I think long term, Rob will marry someone who is not famous.

  5. @Jacy Nova,thank you for the answer.That’s the point,if she is so selfish and doesn’t care about Rob’s feelings and career(image)she should be single and most of all more discreet.She is young and should date a lot,so why she stays with one man and hurting him?It means it’s not a love only destructive and toxic relationship.If she cheats again in such public way I don’t think that any honest man would want to be in relationship with her now or in the future.You know how such women are called.

  6. Why do you all still hate Kristen? You fell that she is going to cheat again. I fell so sorry for all of you. Stop believing what a so call star reader says and put your trust in Jesus Christ. Rob and Kristen both. If he is drinking so much then help him. Rob and Kristen need to pray over their relationship. And have faith.

  7. @anon – most people cheat because they’re insecure or selfish. I think Kristen and Rob got together at a young age, she hasn’t had a chance to be wild yet. I would hope that what happened with Rupert taught her valuable lesson about love and loyalty, she helped destroy a man’s marriage and hurt a person she says she loves, that’s selfish.

  8. I am not psychic,but I read other psychics predictions and they claim that Kristen will cheat again and they split for good.For me it’s strange,if she doesn’t want to be with one man,she should be single and dating with many men,so why does she stay with Rob?

  9. Dunno why kristen would get a shout out it’s not her Birthday -__- This should be all about Rob. Anyways, I’m guessing you’re leaning more toward removing negative people from his life…including Kristen..And that I could not agree more with. Hopefully thats true.

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