bachelor sean and catherine weddingWhat’s up next for Bachelor Sean and his future wife, Catherine Giudici? In a new interview, he discussed challenges the couple face and his desire to ride the fame train, all the way to the bank. Bachelor Sean addresses the breakup rumors, the couples wedding plans and what the future holds.

When it comes to reality TV, Bachelor Sean says, “I mean, The Bachelor was challenging for a lot of different reasons, but Dancing With the Stars probably takes the cake. Not only was it physically demanding, but emotionally demanding, too.”

When it comes to love, Bachelor Sean still thinks Catherine is the one. He says, “”I think we continue to learn new things about each other every day, as we probably will for the rest of our lives, I hope. I think our relationship’s growing stronger each day. I couldn’t be happier with where our relationship is.”

What about the wedding? Are Bachelor Sean and Catherine still planning on a summer wedding? Sean told Extra, that Catherine is definitely taking the reigns on the impending nuptials. “When she wants my opinion I’ll give my opinion, but I know the wedding’s all about the woman,” Sean says.

Bachelor Sean a Scorpio and Catherine a Taurus are polar opposites. Are they the perfect love match or will they face challenges in the marriage? With Scorpio men the waters run deep, they are brimming with passion but have a secretive side. As Taurus, Catherine understands this
and can see beyond the surface, she will understand his feelings. Bachelor Sean probably loves  Catherine’s reserved nature like himself but also her wild passion and affection to him only.

When it comes to love and marriage, Astrochicks astrology prediction is for Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s relationship to be successful, he should leave the reality career behind. The couple needs time to build a solid foundation for the future, otherwise fame could get in the way and cause the couple to split.

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Jacy Nova

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