ready for love spoilersDoes cancelled Ready for Love series have a new home? A new rumor is E! has said I do and will air the series this summer. If you can’t wait until June, Ready for Love fans can continue to watch the show online. What about Eva Longoria and Ernesto, are they really dating? Straight ahead, Ready for Love spoilers, predictions and winners.

Starting next Tuesday, April 30, a new episode will be made available until the finale on June 4.  Ready for Love fans can watch the show at,, and Amazon.

When it comes to love, Eva Longoria a Pisces, is rumored to have fallen for one of the Bachelors. Sources have told TMZ that Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria are “just friends,” but our VERY reliable source confirmed today that she’s definitely “Ready for Love” with Ernesto. NBC’s probably not too happy, which means they have to keep their love connection under wraps until the season is over. Eva even dated Ben Patton before the show.  I guess every guy took a test drive. Messy girl!

Astrologically speaking, Ernesto an Aquarius and Eva a Pisces, aren’t the most romantic match. Granted, they share that Latin heat between the sheets but Ernesto may be too independent for her. Astrochicks predicts the affair is a fling and Ernesto will move on.

For Ben Patton, we think he’s Ready for Love and will pick someone from the show. Our astrological prediction is that his final two will be Angela Zatopek and Kari Krakowski. We’re leaning towards Angela because she’s a virgin and Kari is just too damn bitchy.

Tim Lopez a Capricorn and a self proclaimed romantic, found his Cinderella too. In a recent interview, Lopez revealed they’re still together and crazy in love. Astrochicks prediction is he chooses either Christina Rigaud because they have mad sexual chemistry together,  or Sara Lavagnino who he shares an incredible emotional bond with.

Ernesto an Aquarius, we think he chooses someone on Ready for Love but it doesn’t work out. Which would explain why he’s hooking up with Eva Longoria. She definitely likes her men young. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.