TRUE BLOOD Spoilers, Sookie’s New Lover, #WaitingSucks Video, True Death Rumors!

true blood spoilersFangbangers mark your calendar, the True Blood countdown has begun. Season 6 premieres on HBO, June 16th, and fans are dying to find out what happens. In the new “Waiting Sucks” sneak previews,  Sookie Stackhouse has a new love interest, Jason Stackhouse is desperate to find out what happened to his parents and a new mysterious vampire has arrived. Warning, more #TrueBlood Season 6 spoilers ahead.

When it comes to love, Sookie Stackhouse sure gets around. From Bill to Eric,  this season British actor Rob Kazinsky will be Sookie’s new supernatural love toy. Dutch actor Rutger Hauer will star as Macklyn, “a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason.” Hmm, sounds evil!

The mack daddy of True Blood spoilers, one of our beloved characters is rumored to be killed off in Season 6. In the sixth episode “The Funeral,” Viking Vampire Eric is rumored to meet true death. What, no Alexander Skarsgard? Astrochicks is heartbroken, he’s one of the main reasons we watch the show.

Alcide the Werewolf, AKA Joe Manganiello, recently revealed: “We’re getting to the point in the season now where people are starting to die. The table reads are starting to get smaller, and I’m sure they will continue to do that.”

Lets hope, Alexander Skarsgard (a Virgo) is leaving True Blood so he can star in Fifty Shades of Grey. Check out the new, #WaitingSucks, True Blood Season 6 sneak peak video here. Enjoy!

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  1. I highly doubt that he is leaving the show, that is unless they want it to tank over night, and he has a seven year contrct, and with this being the sixth season, he will probably be around for the next season, though I would love to see him as Christian Grey myself as well. Well either him or Chris Hemsworth, both are just too beautiful for one of them not to be Grey.

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