REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Reunion, Kenya Sexting Apollo, Phaedra Cheating Drama!

Kenya apollo phaedraThe Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, part three, gets down and dirty tonight. The gloves are off and the ladies are ready to rumble. Kenya Moore, vying to be crowned head “drama queen” threw so much shade, we expected to see a garbage collector on stage to pick all the Phaedra Parks trash talk. Here’s the latest RHOA rumors, predictions and what you can expect to see next season.

Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl marches to her own beat. She doesn’t give a damn what you think about her and offers no apologies. On tonights Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, Andy revealed that Kenya and Apollo have been getting their flirt on via text. I guess Kenya can’t get her own man, so she needs to chase Phaedra’s hot hubby. Yeah, he’s fine but come on now.

On RHOA Reunion, “Phaedra confronts Kenya about hitting on Apollo,” and Kenya defiately fans herself while Phaedra’s attacks her.

Parks confirmed to In Touch Weekly, Kenya continues to hit on her man, adding that her “husband just asked (Moore) for advice on an acting coach” yet Moore made an indecent proposal. “Kenya continued to text him, saying, ‘Oh, you look nice,'” Parks told InTouch. She added that Moore at one point “propositioned (Nida) with a sexual act.” Hmm, wouldn’t NeNe Leakes be a more approriate person to ask? She’s the real actress. Also, a sexual proposal…isn’t that sexting.

Astrochicks advises Kenya Moore to watch her back, you never want to cross a Scorpio girl. They can either be your “bestest” friend ever, or your worst enemy. Loyalty is important to Scorpio women, but they never forget a wrong. I think you can file hitting on Phaedra’s husband Apollo, under “bitch you better run.”

Astrologically speaking, we get Kenya Moore is trying to solidify her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She’s ready to dish drama on a weekly basis and keep Andy Cohen entertained. She has a wicked sense of humor and her emotional rollercoater is ride he can’t get off. Still, she’s walking a fine line messing with Phaedra’s husband and karma could kick her in the ass.

Either way, we love the show and we’re happy to report the entire cast will return to Real Housewives of Atlanta next season. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Kenya, was definitely the star this season and the smartest of the bunch. Kenya, held her own and when she couldn’t she twirled move over ghetto ladies there is a new queen in town and she knows how to stay relevant.

  2. It looks like Kenya posted the above comment.

    Kenya is a horrible individual. Her stupid fan was annoying. Staring into the camera is crazy.

    Didn’t watch part 2 because Kim and her fake accent were on.

    I believe Apollo.

    Phaedra handled it like a lady. You need lessons there, Kenya.

    NeNe was obnoxious.

    Kandi and Porsha are my favorites. They are both ladies. Take lessons from them too, Kenya.

  3. You sound real racist…..and your opinon sucks annnnnnnnnyway too bad you cnt see Kenya for whoshe is a liar and fake!!!!! Shes a worthless messy gross female …….. who fakes a relationship ???HAHAHAHa sad! Like you!!!

  4. I knew that I was going to get angry watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Peter is a very, very old man. Peter you would not be on the show if it was not for Cynthia. Remember your first wedding! You running your ungly mouth disrepecting a woman. Phaedra you married a JAILBIRD WAS YOU HIS LAWYER? Kenya you are a very beautiful woman and 90% of Black women will try to pull you down. Notice I did not called them African American. Kenya find you a with man or a man other then a Black man because you are to beautiful for them. Kenya your name will be written down in history because you was Miss U.S.A.

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