MARRIED TO MEDICINE Update, Mariah Huq How She Met Her Husband, Family Secrets!

mariah huq married to medicineIs Married to Medicine a classier version of Real Housewives of Atlanta? After last weeks cat fight between Mariah and Toya, fans aren’t so sure. Will friendships and marriages unravel on Married to Medicine like the Real Housewives? Here’s the latest Married to Medicine spoilers, rumors, predictions and latest update.

When it comes to life, Mariah Huq the Executive Producer of Married to Medicine, likes to keep it real. She addressed last weeks fight by saying: “I handled that situation poorly,” she told S2S. “I do think I should take all the responsibility for that because whether it’s me or my mom…, we could have walked away.” Which leaves Astrochicks to wonder was it staged?

Although Mariah has decided to take the high road when it comes to her friendship with Toya, she still has our girl on blast. Toya denies sharing Mariah’s family secrets with others, but Mariah has it on good authority that Toya has loose lips.

Mariah tells S2S, “Keep watching and I think that you’ll see what’s true and what’s not true. The thing about a lie is, you gotta keep telling them once you tell them. I am glad that the tape tells it all,” she said.

No doubt, friends come on and go but marriage is forever. What about Mariah? How did she meet her Married to Medicine hubby? She tells Atlanta Magazine, “We met at Justin’s [the now-closed P. Diddy–owned restaurant]. I just wondered: Who’s this short, Indian-looking guy coming up to talk with me?”

What’s Mariah Huq’s secret to a happy marriage? She says, “In any marriage, you have to have the capacity to switch places with your spouse, to see through their vision. We do that every day. We’re the face of the new America, where everything blends. I wear saris—I’m sure people look and go, “Who’s that black girl in saris?”—and cook Indian food, not because he’s ever asked me to, but because I love to.”

Astrologically speaking, we think Mariah Huq’s marriage is rock solid, for the other Married to Medicine girls, we’re not so sure. Stay tuned.

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  1. am not really sure wht excatly this show is tryin to show us at the end of the day, after that episode where mariah acted a plum fool i haven’t really watched it and not interested in watchin it. this show is no different from basketball wives, love and hip hop to mention a few, and the fact she says she could have walked away from it and yet didn’t just goes to show they did tht to get more viewers. as for mariah’s mother wow tht is an ugly disaster just waitin to happen becoz she didn’t even act like a grown women for that matter. i wish they would just cancel this show becoz it isn’t showing us ne thing that we haven’t already seen with bbw,love n hip hop and whtever other black ghetto show is out there, u can tkae the perosn out the hodd btu can’t take the hood out of them for sure, black pple no matter wht will always make a fool of themselves somewhere down the line indeed.

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