jennifer aniston justinHas Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux set their wedding date yet? Will Aniston be a spring bride or will she opt for a summer wedding? Has she found the perfect wedding dress or is she still looking? With her handsome fiance by her side, Jennifer has definitely captured her Prince Charming but will she get her happily ever after? Here’s the latest wedding rumors, astrology love predictions and news update on everything, Jennifer and Justin.

Astrologically speaking, choosing the perfect wedding date sets the tone for your future marriage. For Jennifer Aniston an Aquarius and Justin Theroux a Leo, they’re planning for the most important role in their lives. Aquarius girls in love, would want their big day to be unique and eclectic. Jen may choose an unusual wedding location or may go for a retro glam look. She would want her nuptials to be remembered for not only being beautiful but inspirational, a celebration of Jennifer’s love for her man Justin.

For Justin Theroux he may be a Bridezilla in the making. As a Leo, he wants all the glitz and glamour. This is the biggest starring role of his life and he’s going for a Wedding Oscar. We would expect his wedding to be elegant, lavish with lots of friends and family to celebrate. After all, they’re going to be the “Hollywood” it couple and he’s going to enjoy every minute of it.

When it comes to Jennifer and Justin’s wedding plans, our Aquarius bride and Leo groom are taking no chances, they want their marriage to last. According to Huff Post, Jennifer and Justin attended a three-day ”Marriage Bootcamp”  Santa Monica, Calif., for engaged couples. “Jen and Justin are super excited about their big day,” a source told HollyScoop, “but she thought it would be a good idea to start married life rid of any problems.”

For wedding day Astrology, choosing the perfect date is so important. Astrological wisdom holds that the beginning of something, whether a human life or a marriage, is a crucial moment which contains within it the seeds of what is to come. If you need a little help, here’s some wedding day tips here.

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For Jennifer and Justin, Astrochicks wishes them lots of love and happiness.

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