ready for love spoilersAre you Ready for Love’s second episode? Last week, fans met Tim Lopez, Plan White T’s sexy guitarist and his lovely ladies. Tonight, we will meet Ben Patton from Dallas, who’s packed his bags and is ready to jump on the love train. Did Ben find his future wife or potential girlfriend? We have a few Ready for Love spoilers and a few astrology predictions of our own.

When it comes to love, what girl doesn’t want to date a rockstar? Seriously, isn’t that every chicks fantasy. Tim Lopez a Capricorn, has found love before and was once married to his high school sweetheart. Now several years later, fame and fortune killed the marriage, and he has found himself loveless in Austin. Originally from Santa Barbara, makes Astrochicks wonder why he hasn’t found a new girl again to share his life with. Is he a nightmare boyfriend, maybe too controlling or demanding?

Ben Patton another Texan, says he hit the age of 30 and found himself alone. He claims to be a down to earth guy, looking for the girl next door. In a recent interview, Ben revealed a few Ready for Love spoilers, saying he did find love but wouldn’t say if they were still together or not.

The third bachelor starring on Ready for Love is Ernesto Arguello, another Texan who lives in Miami. The son of Cuban and Nicaraguan refugees, his parents instilled very strong values in him and his four siblings. A bit of a commitment phobe, Arguello says he’s never really been in love. Ouch, that has got to hurt his ex girlfriends feelings. Even though Arguello believes finding love can be challenging, he feels that being put in an environment dedicated to its discovery will provide great results. Just like the song, he wants to know what love is and wants Eva Longoria to show him.

On August 14th, the Ready for Love boys filmed the season finale. On Twitter, Ernesto posted the following tweet: Is this love – is this love – Is this love that I’m feelin’? I wanna know – wanna know – wanna know now! #ReadyForLove @ReadyforLove. I guess he found it. Of course, it’s several months later and LOTS can happen.

For more Ready for Love spoilers, you can check them out here. Astrochicks really loves the show and hopefully the ratings will pick up.

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