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THE LYLAS Update, Bruno Mars Sisters the Next Kardashians, New Reality Show on WEtv!

lylas bruno mars sistersMove over Kardashians, we have Bruno Mars’ sisters the, Lylas, in the house and they’re absolutely gorgeous. His musical sisters have formed their own group, Lylas, who draw inspiration from Celine Dion, Beyonce, Pink, Lauryn Hill and Gwen Stefani. They’ve scored a reality series on WEtv, which will introduce fans to their music and life. Astrochicks is obsessed!

Tiara, Tahiti and Presley Hernandez have packed their bags and left Honolulu, Hawaii to join their older sister Jaime Kailani in Hollywood. Calling themselves the Lylas, which stands for Love You Like a Sister, the girls have scored an eight-part, hour-long show to document the highs and lows of recording their first album.

“The Lylas are fierce, independent women, leaving their home — and in some cases their relationships and kids — for a chance at pursuing their love of music,” WEtv’s Lauren Gellert said in a statement. “Their story is one filled with all of the drama and chaos that comes from making a major life change, with the added spice of doing it alongside your sisters.”

You can check out the Lylas debut music video “Come Back” on YouTube here. You don’t have to be psychic to predict these girls will be superstars! Love love love their new song.

Astrochicks thinks Bruno Mars’ parents should bottle their DNA, not only did they produce beautiful kids but insanely talented ones! Dang, Hawaii must have something in the water. We definitely will watch the show!

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