READY FOR LOVE Spoilers, Tim Lopez New Girlfriend and Past Wedding Photos, Sara Winner?

tim lopez ready for loveAre you Ready for Love? The new dating reality show created by Eva Longoria, is a cross between the Bachelor meets Millionaire Matchmaker, without snarky Patti Stanger.

It follows three handsome Bachelors, including one rockstar, Tim Lopez from the Plain White T’s, who has everything but love. Together, with three matchmakers and nine women to choose from, they go on a romantic adventure to find their princess and hopefully future wife.

At first, Astrochicks wasn’t too jazzed about the Bachelors, we found them to be very vanilla and metrosexual. Tim Lopez from the rock band, Plain White T’s, changed our mind. Naturally, rockstars and crazy love, go hand in hand. Of course, our criticial Virgo mind kept wondering, what’s wrong with him or is this a publicity stunt. Lopez is a musician, he should have a million women stalking him day and night.

In a new interview, rocker Tim Lopez, confessed he was nervous to do the show. What legit musician wouldn’t be? It could be a career killer or it could introduce your music to millions of new fans. Fortunately, Lopez a Capricorn is a sexy and charming guy and decided he was Ready for Love. Even after a painful divorce from his high school sweetheart, he agreed to do the show with an open heart and mind.

In a Ready for Love spoiler, Tim Lopez reveals that he did fall in love and he’s still together with his lucky lady. Wow, we’re impressed! “I am still with her and very happy in the relationship, so it worked for me,” Lopez tells The Hollywood Reporter.

For all you “Ready for Love” cyber sleuths, Tim Lopez who’s originally from Santa Barbara, appears to be partial to blondes. His ex wife, Whitney, is absolutely gorgeous and we found these wedding photos here. How sad, they looked so happy but Lopez said his rock and roll lifestyle, ruined the marriage.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks had to predict who Tim Lopez a Capricorn picks, we would choose either Hailey Clark because she makes him laugh, Christina Rigaud because they have mad sexual chemistry together,  or Sara Lavagnino who he shares an incredible emotional bond with.

Astrochicks is leaning towards Sara because she’s a Nashville musician and he’s a practical Capricorn. He’s been burned before, this time he wants to find a woman who understands his lifestyle, of course Sara would. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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