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KATY PERRY Rumors, Dating Ex Husband Russell Brand, Couple Spotted Making Out at Club!

katy perry russell brandAre Katy Perry and Russell Brand back together? According to Perez Hilton, the divorced couple were spotted earlier this week, playing tonsil hockey at Soho House. Are they just friends with benefits or are Katy and Russell still in love?

Katy Perry a Scorpio girl, thrives on drama. She likes her men hot and messy. After her recent painful breakup with ex boyfriend, John Mayer the player, most girls would NOT look in their rearview mirror to find love. Not our Scorpio girl, she’s found love again in the arms of her ex husband, Russell Brand, a former sex and drug addict. Yes, love for Katy Perry can be complicated.

Russell Brand a Gemini, makes no apologies for his bad boy behavior. He’s the kind of guy, who loves a good snog and isn’t afraid to take chances when it comes to love. Although their marriage didn’t work out, the couple still share an incredible sexual chemistry. Could love be sweeter for Katy and Russell the second time around?

Astrology speaking, a Gemini man and a Scorpio woman, are a highly, unlikely match. In a previous astrology prediction, Astrochicks said that Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s relationship would require LOTS of communication and predicted a divorce.

Perry, who falls on the dramatic and possessive side, no doubt was a wet blanket on all the comedians fun. On the flip side, Brand didn’t like her party girl ways. So, what did the couple do? They worked their problems out in the bedroom. Of course, we all know that’s a temporary solution for bigger relationship problems.

Most likely, Katy Perry was intrigued by Russell Brand’s charm, and in the beginning she loved the attention he gave her. When it comes to love, the waters do not run deep. Brand’s more like a kiddie pool and Perry’s a tsunami. Fun for a couple of nights, a lifetime, forget about it.

Astrochicks predicts this is a temporary distraction for both Katy Perry and Russell Brand. It’s nice to know they can still be friends and shag once in awhile. We think our Scorpio girl is headed for another heartbreak, I hope she brings a case of Kleenex with her.

UPDATE: Perez Hilton posted a comment saying the Katy and Russell rumors were debunked. Wishful thinking on everyones part. You can read the article here.



  1. Seriously doubt the credibility of this report as Ms. Perry was in Madagascar,Africa for Unicef from April 2 through Tuesday April 9 when she returned to the U.S. Prior to April 2, she spent the Easter holiday with family. You should write another article only when she releases new music — if you can get the facts straight, that is. Anything else is just superfluous concocted rumor as it seems you have nothing better with which to occupy your time.

  2. Seriously? You have nothing better then to post random comments on a gossip astrology site. The rumor was originally posted by Perez Hilton.

    Our main article is about Katy and Russell’s astrological compatiability or lack of. When they first married, we predicted the relationship would only last two years or less and we were right. Of course, Perry fans were upset but the predictions were correct.

    If you want music news, read Rolling Stone or MTV.

  3. I must apologize as my original comment,above, was left on another website which did address the supposed recent hookup between Perry and Brand as factual. I was simply attempting to counter what was written with a different set of “facts”. I am puzzled as to how my comment became posted on your page, though I also read your article and thought it quite well written/interesting.
    Touche re: the music issue. You are correct;if I want music news I will read the music mags.

  4. No apology necessary,everyone is entitled to speak their mind. I think Katy and Russell back together would be interesting but he’s too much of a heartbreaker. Challenging astrology year for Scorpios in love…:)

  5. Agree. Sometimes I am inclined to believe that it is better to do what feels right for yourself knowing that if a relationship is meant to be it will happen.



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