REAL HOUSEWIVES Beverly Hills Secrets, Faye Resnick’s Revenge, Yolanda Blasts Kyle!

yolanda foster real housewivesMore, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills secrets were revealed tonight. This time, Andy Cohen, dished the dirt on our fine ladies. Each girl, had to relive never before seen footage. Which included, Faye Resnick and Marisa’s snarky comments about her husband.

Even Lisa Vanderpump’s cat claws were out, she accused Kyle of orchestrating Faye’s constant attacks on Brandi Glanville. Kyle a Capricorn girl, swore on her life and favorite Botox doctor, that Faye’s not her mouthpiece. Yes, of course darling!

Yolanda another Capricorn girl, definitely made it known she’s not a fan of Kyle’s. It’s no big secret, she’s on Team Brandi and Team Lisa! Kyle tried to get a little dig in, saying she’s heard some bad things about Yolanda’s friends, too. Oh, please! In fact, fans got to see Yolanda’s sweet side, they showed a moment with her best friend Ellie, who has ALS and is paralyzed. A very very sad story and Yolanda’s helping care for her.

Taylor Armstrong’s big secret reveal, she has a serious drinking problem. Bravo fans were treated to Real Housewives clips of Taylor acting belligerent, drunk out of her mind and causing problems at Portia’s birthday party. Really? Of course, she attacked Adrienne Maloof a Virgo girl.  Taylor a Gemini, just kept talking and crying, blah blah blah. Girl, get a grip.

What big secrets did they reveal about Brandi Glanville? Not much, our Scorpio girl has no problem sharing her drama and the girls love her for it. Andy, did manage to get Brandi to confess to her wild makeout session at the White Party. Also, Brandi revealed she’s still dating the guy she met at the party.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks predicts a few Real Housewives cast shakeups next season. We definitely think Taylor Armstrong will be fired or reduced to a “friend” of the Real Housewives. Adrienne Maloof quit, she’s now focused on her new boytoy boyfriend, Sean Stewart. Faye Resnick will not return next season, she says all the negative publicity is hurting her interior design business.  Marisa’s not returning, she’s too embarrassed by her disrespectful comments about her yummy husband, Dean! Which leaves the door open for two new Real Housewives! Astrochicks hopes, Yolanda and Brandi get to choose who the next two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be. Stay tuned.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. I’m so glad that bulldog Faye isn’t returning and I couldn’t stand that dotted faced Marisa either. I hope her husband has a girlfriend.

    Yolanda is honest and a great friend. I just love her!

    Brandi needs to tone it down. No one wants to hear about her threesomes or LeAnn. Give it up, Brandi, he is married to someone else now.

    I always thought that Kyle (boys name) is a snake and caused all the problems between Faye and Brandi.

    Glad Adrien and her husband (who called a woman a piece of shit) are gone. They are both losers! Just shows you money can’t buy you class.

  2. Totally agree with your comments about all the housewives. I’m so glad Faye is not returning. I think Kyle is getting just what she deserves with how mean she’s been to everyone. Always acting like she’s innocent. I love Brandi and Lisa’s friendship and Yolanda is the real deal. I disagree that Kyle is sweet and I think there’s some truth in the fact that she’s been sabotaging her sister’s health.

    I hope Kyle turns it around.

  3. Kyle and Kim Richards come from a modest background. They were childhood actresses and their sister, Kathy, married into money…the Hilton family. Kathy’s husband gave Mauricio his start in the real estate business. Kyle and Kim’s mom was an alcoholic and sadly died of cancer.

    I like Kyle but I would hardly call her sweet. She’s a smart and strong business woman, who does her best to deal with her family issues.

    Lisa has the most money of any women on the show. She owns 25 restaurants and works for what she haves. The same goes for Adrienne Maloof.

    Brandi never claimed to have money and what you see is what you get.

    Yolanda was a super model and married well twice.

  4. Your review of the women is so completely off the mark. Lisa is a cold, nasty English jerkoff. Yolanda is a snob and dumb blonde model. Nice side…yeah right. So self promoting to be Mrs. Lady Bountiful. Marrisa won’t come back because the show is beneath her. Adrienne doesn’t need the money that bad to play with that hornets nest. Brandi is a low class assclown. Kim is an airhead who occasionaly hits it spot on. Kyle is sweet and tries to remain neutral too much. People are jealous of her as she is a very pretty woman with a sincerely admiring, handsome husband and lovely children. She also comes from a well known family who doesn’t need the show to be relevant. The other women need the show to stay relevant in Beverly Hills because it is their spouses who have the money and power. They just married well. Why Brandi is on there is stupid as she is not even married anymore and really boorish. Same with Kim, just the not married part. Taylor is an exception because she is widowed although a very boring woman on this show.

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