KENYA MOORE Dating Rich New Boyfriend, Walter’s Twitter Rant Over Real Housewives!

kenya mooreDoes Kenya Moore finally have a real boyfriend? After the explosive Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, our Aquarius girl seemed way too cranky to be a girl in love. Is Silicone Barbie’s attitude driven by ratings, where Kenya wants to stay relevant for next season or is she finally found a man who’s willing to put a ring on it?

It’s no secret that Kenya Moore’s ex boyfriend, Walter Jackson, was never the real deal. Desperate to be engaged, she tried nagging a proposal out of her man and instead he ran the other way. For smuggy Walter, he had to dodge rumors he was on the down low and claimed he was never attracted to Kenya to begin with. Seriously? She’s Miss USA and a very beautiful woman. What you talkin about?

Walter Jackson dying to extend his 15 minutes of fame, was upset he wasn’t invited to the Real Housewies of Atlanta Reunion. You know, Ms. Gone With the Wind Fabulous, would never agree to that. Besides, Walter betrayed Kenya when he revealed they had a fake relationship. Hmm, maybe Kenya likes to swim in the lady pond. On RHOA Reunion, she revealed she would have a threesome with Kandi!

Mr. Cry Baby immediately issued a statement via his PR agent, Twitter: “Yeah I think TV meaning (Br_) is scared of me, they can’t control me and they can’t tell me what to say, So that’s y they WON’T INVITE me. I don’t think they want YOU to hear the truth about a certain person now that THEY KNOW the truth, but they will let her make up lies on air…Notice I’ve been real quiet for a while. But they keep on letting “you know who” lie and jab at me on air and want me to keep quiet!! WOW”

For Kenya Moore like a true Aquarius girl she’s moved on. She’s now sporting a new man, he’s reportedly an oil tycoon from Dubai. Sounds like he’s straight of Bravo casting, maybe Patti Stanger set the girl up with a rich boyfriend! The details are very sketchy of course, I guess fans will have to wait till next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Well, lets hope Andy Cohen gives our girl a raise, she deserves it!

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  1. I’m watching part 3 of the Atlanta reunion. Didn’t watch part 2 because Kim and her fake accent were on. Kenya has a sharp tongue and is so hateful and vindictive. Anytime they show another woman getting something pretty from their husband, she has a frown on. She’s such a jealous thing. She is never happy for anyone I remember when she won Miss U.S.A. and I thought she was ugly. Her behavior is deplorable. I am so glad the season is over and I hope they don’t bring Kenya back. Love Porsha. She’s a sweet woman and is very entertaining.

  2. Why is nene always talking about noses and wigs? She wears a toupee and her nose after surgery is much bigger than Sheree’s nose. In fact! Sheree is pretty and NeNe is not. My goodness she is so Insecure about her looks and her ugly comments about everybody show it. She always criticize everyone’s physical appearance which in fact she is the least attractive woman of all the present and past housewives. At least she can act pretty to make herself look better.

  3. kenya makes my skin itch:(get ur life n get ur own ideas n stop stealing folks ideas n stop texting&sextng apollo.

  4. Watched the reunion part 1 last night. Kenya is nuts in the head. She’s a schoolyard bully. The ugliest Miss U.S.A. ever.

    Porsha, don’t worry. Men will be lining up around the block to court you.

    Glad Kandi found a man.

    Not watching part 2 because that blond bimbo will be on it.

  5. kenya made this season popular. without kenya porsha will have no story line. what will she bring next season?. she has no business, no kids, no husband, no education, no rich fabulous friends except the salon hood rats. am curious to see what she will bring next season.

  6. kenya is crazy?. porsha is a saint and is so desirable that noone wanted to marry her until she was able to lie to kordell that she would stop being a video vixen and be a stay at home wife.porsha is 32 yrs old if she was so wonderful why didnt she marry before that old age. and now kordell doesnt even want her. porsha could only keep a man for less than 2 yrs.

    phaedra couldnt get a husband too until she went to the local jail and got an uneducated ex-con who she became a sugar mommy to.

  7. Don’t blame Walter for not wanting to marry that horror. Look at what she said to that girl who was auditioning for the modeling agency: “I don’t want to be the mean girl but what are you doing here?” What a horrible thing she is!

  8. Kenya made the show this year!!!! and her video is outselling FATDRA’s video on AMAZON!!! KENYA is a star and she’s funny and totally real!! Loving NENE this year too!!!! Lot’s of girls are jealous of beautiful women like Cynthia and Kenya!!! I hear Porcha’s husband is gay.

  9. Kenya’s new boyfriend is probably fake too. After all, she says she has been proposed to 6 times. She is constantly making stuff up and does not have sense enought to know that people know that she is lying. Just because she WAS Miss USA and she is attractive does not make her desirable. She has crazy written all over her. The people at Bravo have to be stupid also to try to make her anything she says valid. Walter is a great guy who was not attracted to a fool. She needs to go away. Hopefully her family will intervene. She has a problem

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