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MADONNA’S Dating Rules, Lourdes Leon’s Secret Boyfriend, Material Girl Rumors and News!

lourdes leon madonna newsMadonna’s daughter Lourdes has a boyfriend and surprise, he’s an actor named Timothee Chalamet. Like mother like daughter, Madonna’s little girl appears to be attracted to the creative type. Following in Mommy’s footsteps, Lourdes is reportedly boy crazy and loves to flirt. What does the original Material Girl think about all of this?

In an old interview, Madonna once said her 16-year-old daughter had to wait until 18 before she could officially date anyone. “No boys for her until she turns 18,” Madonna said. “She doesn’t have it easy. Late night TV, junk food and mess are not tolerated in my house.” Hmm, I guess our Leo mom decided not to be so protective. Especially, when your mom is dating someone who’s 30 years younger!

Another source confirmed to Ace Showbiz that Lourdes hasn’t been dating her new boyfriend long. “Dating is a loose term for it, but yes, they are teenagers being teenagers so I guess you can call it that,” the source explained. “It has not been going on for very long at all.”   However, the relationship might not be exclusive, as the source added, “Lola certainly likes her boys just like her mother! I’m not sure he’s the only boy in her life. Lola is boy crazy… She loves to talk about guys! She flirts endlessly.”

Astrologically speaking, Lourdes Leon a Libra girl, shares the same zodiac sign as Kim Kardashian. Charming and romantic, she’s a girly girl, who’s looking for her knight in shining armor. A Daddy’s girl, Lourdes is much softer and more of a people pleaser than her mom, Madonna. It’s natural for her to have a boyfriend at 16, she will definitely have more to follow.

When it comes to fame and fortune, Lourdes Leon, will make her mark in Hollywood. She will never quite achieve the same amount of fame as Madonna, but will be considered a more refined version of the popstar. Not quite so rough around the edges and a little bit prettier to look at.

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