bachelor sean and catherine newsBachelor Sean and Catherine Giudici may be engaged but they have chosen to live in seperate apartments. Laser focused on his Dancing With the Stars competition, Bachelor Sean is hoping to make the final four. Where does that leave Catherine? After all, she left her job in Seattle to be with her man. What does the future hold for the couple? Here’s the latest update on Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s wedding plans.

For diehard fans, each week we get to watch Bachleor Sean Lowe’s more playful side on DWTS. Born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, he’s a fierce competitor and is definitely in it to win it. Not the best dancer, Bachelor Sean’s moves might be sexy but they are definitely clumsy.

When it comes to Catherine, she’s temporarily taken a backseat to the DWTS competition. In fact, the couple spent Easter apart, while Bachelor Sean was in the studio practicing. Lonely, Catherine had her bestie fly in from Seattle and the girls went to Disneyland together. Come on, he couldn’t spend a few hours with his special girl, especially on a religious holiday. Maybe they had Easter dinner together?

Rumors have surfaced that Bachelor Sean and Catherine have decided to postpone the wedding. Originally planned for this summer, In Touch revealed they have decided to wait until fall or winter. Yikes, no sex before marriage and not living together, sounds like you’re having a relationship with a BFF not a future husband.

Astrologically speaking, Catherine Giudici is a Taurus girl, who’s strong and independent. She’s dedicated and loyal to her man but Bachelor Sean has to put his girl first too. Hopefully, he will take a couple of weeks off to spend time with her and get the relationship back on track. Otherwise, Catherine may become lonely or bored.

On the flip side, Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s love has a solid spiritual foundation and is not just based on lust. They share a deep emotional connection, that could provide the proper foundation for a future marriage. Fame is fleeting but love is forever. Hopefully, these two will make it.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.