REAL HOUSEWIVES Reunion, Brandi Glanville Nasty Fight With Kim and Kyle Richards!

brandi glanville kim richards fightBrandi Glanville, loves to the stir the pot but has she gone too far. After her outburst on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Brandi accused Kyle of being happy over Kim’s struggle to stay sober. Leaving Bravo fans to wonder, has this chick lost her mind or does she just love the drama!

On the recent Real Housewives Reunion, Brandi launched her Scorpio tirade against the Richards sisters.  Kyle cried over her insensitive comments and was outraged over her accusations of not caring about Kim. She said, “I spent every f**king night … saying a prayer to God to keep my sister sober.” For Astrochicks, we think Glanville has some serious anger issues. Are you really that miserable baby girl? Scorpio women like to dominate and we think Kim is easy prey.

Our heart went out to Kim Richards a fragile Virgo girl, who’s desperate to stay sober and win the battle against alcoholism.  For some reason, Brandi Glanville acts like a vulture, who’s ready to swoop in on her prey any moment. We were shocked that Yolanda and Lisa didn’t call her out on her shit. We like Brandi but now we kinda hate her. Sorry, we think she’s a bully. Don’t f### with someones sobriety, not cool.

Obviously, Kyle and Kim, have a complicated relationship. If you understand anything about dysfunctional familes, sometimes the sickest people are not the alcoholics themselves but the people around them. We think Kyle a Capricorn girl has her own personal demons. She’s just lucky to be married to Mauricio, who takes care of her.  For Kim, she only has her family.

One Bravo fan commented: “I think Brandy is so unhappy that the only thing that makes her happy is to cause drama. She needs to get a life and quit stirring up problems where ther are none but in her evil hateful little mind. Please get rid of her.” Astrochicks, has to agree. Scorpios love drama and always go for the jugular.  How could poor Kim compete with that venom? Not only does she have to deal with Kyle, now she has Brandi too. Please!

Astrologically speaking, Brandi Glanville better be careful, Saturn in Scorpio may kick her ass this year. Her fifteen minutes of fame could fade fast if she doesn’t control her potty mouth.  In fact, we would LOVE to see LeAnn Rimes join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but rumor is Lisa Rinna may be the next chick to join.

For Kim Richards, we just want to give her a big hug. Astrochicks hopes she finds the love and support she needs to stay sober.



Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Addiction is a disease and Kim’s taken responsibility for her problems. She went to rehab and is working on her problem. Kim and Kyle’s mother was an alcoholic and died of cancer. Many people, who have abused drugs and alcohol for years will continue to appear “high” even when they’re sober. Ask Ozzie Osbourne, sometimes they have seizures and cause all kinds of health problems.

    Just because you’re a Scorpio doesn’t mean you’re Queen of the Universe. What you speak is YOUR truth doesn’t mean it’s someone elses.

    Brandi’s an angry girl, she’s pissed at Eddie and LeAnne who betrayed her but lashing out at others.

    Kim was very honest that her disease is so bad, she’s worried she may die. That’s serious stuff and hardly bullshit. You could tell Brandi felt bad after her comment, her side kick Gennifer is a sober coach, which tells me Brandi has her own issues.

    Brandi’s no angel and pushes the drama to keep the Bravo paychecks coming.

  2. Brandi is a Scorpio like I am. We don’t like BS or phony passive-aggressive bullies. Kim can cry all she wants but she’s got anger issues of her own. Big time. What do you call someone that takes a lames person’s crutch, NEVER apologizes for it and never takes responsibility for anything? Her pill popping, supposed drinking (which I don’t believe–she’s into pills & other stuff that gets her wired). I’ve never seen her drunk but I’ve seen her stoned & wacked out. Of course it’s not her fault; it’s Kyle’s fault or Brandi’s fault or now Yolanda. Give it a break, Kim. No one’s buying your bullshit. Take responsibility for something–anything! And that’s what pisses Brandi off. That she’s dishonest & loyal to no one. Kim isn’t fragile; she’s manipulative &loves playing the victim. And Kyle enables her then mothers her, smothering the oxygen from the room. Only Kyle is allowed to bash Kim. How dare anyone else calling it like it is. If I were Brandi, I wouldn’t bother w/either one of them. But Brandi hates lies & liars. And when you come after her, what do you expect? An air kiss? Kim can blame aliens just don’t mess with Brandi. It’ll boomerang right back into your face as it should.

  3. Had Kim and Kyle not acted the way they did towards Brandi from the get go, they would have my sympathies. However, you guys here at astrochicks should know better than others that Karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. If Kim and Kyle don’t like what Brandi has to say about them, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    Does Brandi have a potty mouth?? Damn right she does. But so far I have not seen her attack anyone without provocation so am I 100% Team Brandi tyvm!!

  4. We are a celebrity gossip site with a cosmic twist. We are entitled to our opinion and we think Brandi a Scorpio can be vicious. As she said on the reunion, you cross me “I will cut the bitch.” That’s just crazy and Lisa even called Brandi out on it. Yes, she’s honest but Kim is fragile. When someone says they may “die” if they don’t get sober, you should tread lightly. Brandi goes too far for the sake of drama and staying relevant. Kyle is fair game but I think she should leave Kim alone. She’s trying.

  5. I totally agree with you Mellie. I’d love to see LeAnn join the show though. I like who Brandi is when she’s with Lisa and she needs to spend more time in that place.

  6. ditto…I thought astro chicks was an astrology based page?… not catty girls picking favorites(and ur “favorites makes me wonder on your capabilities as astrologers)…disappointed…Brandi couldn’t be more authentic, yes, she’s angry over the past few years and no doubt still processing it…but whether she says it or not the truth is the truth…and Kyle and Kim DON’t like each other….sometimes love is knowing when to let go …these two would rather beat each other up emotionally, passive aggressively & constantly!!… no one has been as mean as those two have been towards each other….talk about Cold anger… as far as Kim’s behavior in Paris? that women was NOT Sober…whether it was from drinking or drugs….(and prescription doesn’t make it ok) and SHE never copped up to it….”L” she’ll never get well with enablers kissing her butt and backing off when she starts spraying her loud words at them! …she knows enough (like most addicts learn) to yell and make crazy until everyone just wants it to stop and she can continue kid herself and continue her dysfunctional mind set…Brandi is a truer friend than her sister…for not being afraid and not being will to back down and to say it like it is..and that’s all Lisa did in Paris..and finally at the finale Yolanda did…

  7. It was those horrible sisters that were spewing venom at Brandi. Kyle has everything in the world but chooses to act like a low life, back staffing, making faces behind peoples back kind of loser. It was becoming the Kim and Kyle (who names their daughter with a boys name?) show and I was bored and was ready to change he channel. Kim, Kyle, and that horrible cow Faye need to go. Brandi and Lisa could carry the show.

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