evelyn lozada new boyfriendWill we see a more spiritual and grounded Evelyn Lozada on the new season of Basketball Wives? Our Sagittarius girl, claims she’s a reformed “drama mama,” who’s seen the light and ready to be an inspiration to younger woman. Has her recent divorce from Chad Johnson made Lozada go cupcake on us? More importantly, who’s she dating and does Evelyn Lozada have a new boyfriend.

Evelyn Lozada says, “It’s not like I’m going to be super perfect because I was on Iyanla and now I’m Mother Mary, because that’s not what it is. But at the same time … let’s really think before we speak and not get physical,” she reveals about the upcoming season of Basketball Wives. “I just have to remind myself of that. It’s a daily thing for me because sometimes you’re tested.”

Astrologically speaking, Evelyn Lozada is born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, who can’t help but put everyone on blast. Honest and outspoken, they love to keep it 100% and sometimes venture on the cray cray side. Astrochicks doesn’t buy the new and improved Evelyn Lozada. Although, we do think the Basketball Wives producers told her to put a lid on it, or say bye bye to the cashola. Money talks…

When it comes to looking and feeling good, Evelyn Lozada is looking sharp. She’s lost weight and will be rockin a hard body on Basketball Wives this season. When it comes to love, Lozada is ready to let Jesus take the wheel.

“I still want to be a mother, I still want to have other children, I still want to get married and have a family,” Lozada told Celebuzz recently. “Only this time, instead of me choosing, I’m going to allow God to choose whomever for me.”

Astrologically, Astrochicks thinks Evelyn Lozada can find her Prince Charming within two years. We predict it will be someone less “high profile” but still have money in the bank. Perhaps a businessman, someone older and a bit more refined. Lozada needs to hang up her Basketball Wives groupie status. This love interest may coincide with her leaving the show. We give Lozada two more years and after that it’s “hasta la vista baby.” Save your money girl, just sayin.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Astrochicks.com. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.