ROB PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART Update, Living Together or Split Again, RUMORS!

robert pattinsonHas Rob Pattinson returned to loving arms of his ex girlfriend, Kristen Stewart in LA? After filming down under for the last four months, rumors were swirling that Pattinson had moved on. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. Is the Twilight couple officially living together again? Here’s the latest rumors and update on everything Rob and Kristen.

A friend of Kristen’s told “Rob is living at Kristen’s. He considers it his home, Kristen’s there, their dogs are there and most of his stuff is there — that is whatever is most important to him. He considers Kristen’s home, his home too. I guess his home is where his heart is. And right from the get go Kristen made it clear that it was also his home.”

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks astrology prediction has been Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will eventually split…permanently. Of course, parting is such sweet sorrow and our Aries girl will not let her man go that easily.

For Rob Pattinson a Taurus, he’s a very loyal guy and a tad bit stubborn. If friends and family are telling him to dump Kristen, that actually might make him want to prove them wrong. After all, Rob’s still a young sexy guy and he has plenty of time to find his forever soulmate. For Kristen, she’s his first love and he’s not ready to let go yet.

For Kristen Stewart an Aries girl, she can’t help herself and always seems to get herself in romantic trouble. She’s a free spirit and likes to do her own thing. No doubt, we think she has a wandering eye and will break Rob’s heart again. Hopefully, we’re wrong. Stay tuned.


Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Media circus about her being a CHEATER is the most traumatic event for KRISTEN STEWART! It was obvious KRISTEN STEWART is not a professional CHEATER! She went on to hibernate when the scandal exploded because of so much shame! But look at other female celebrities who cheats openly out in the open, they don’t care if you post them in the tabloids! Life goes on and tomorrow is another day! KRISTEN STEWART learned her lesson already, while ROB is in Australia filming THE ROVER, Kristen stayed with her mom, if she wants to go out, she would go out with Rob’s common friends. I know that is not enough for all of us to make assurance of what will happen tomorrow. But at least she started to make moves the right way. Moves that will not stir another doubt from the person she loves the most! GO ROBSTEN !!! LOVE YOU MUCH!!!

  2. oh god i just wish these astrochicks will leave rob and kris alone. i am sure she won’t break his heart again. she felt guilty and there are making her a bad character. shame on you.

  3. It’s all about commitment and choices. I truly believe that astrological aspects are just that…ASPECTS. They are not choices. Astrological aspects don’t define anything…but actions do …from both people in a relationship. There is probably more that has gone on behind the scenes than Rob and Kristen are letting on because they are private people and it is their business.

    We may come into this world with astrological aspects but it is up to us to work on our karma and to shift our own consciousness. No amount of astrological influences will do that for you.

    Choices define who we really are and one choice leads to an array of other choices like a domino effect. Whatever karma we work out with our current aspects, they of course will change in the next life when we meet that familiar person/lover/friend again. Then the process starts all over again. A person may only progress an inch higher with respect to consciousness but an inch is better than nothin.

  4. So will Rob leave this relationship for good soon? Because I keep hearing people say it but I too do not know if I can believe it…Do you really see it ending??

  5. his cars are in her driveway too. Unfortunately I think since he is living there then he is not leaving anytime soon….I just cant see it happening….What is it going to take for him to wake up and get out?

  6. oh Astro chicks I hope your right about a breakup. Cant you get a psychic maybe to weigh in and say if and when we will have a breakup??..Rob really deserves better and this feels like it’s never ending.

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