LOVE HIP HOP Reunion Spoilers, Joe and Consequence Beatdown, Tahiry Love Riot!

joe and tahiryIn the upcoming Love & Hip Hop, New York reunion, we have a few spoilers. The biggest is the love triangle between Joe Budden, his girlfriend Kaylin and ex Tahiry. Is he still playing both girls or has he finally made a choice. Whatever goes down, we heard there’s a big fight, lots of drama and name calling. Here’s the latest Love & Hip Hop NYC reunion rumors, predictions and spoilers.

They YBF reported,  Joe Budden a Virgo, posted a sharp pic of himself just before the reunion. After stepping on stage, he had a nasty fight with co-star Consequence.  In fact, Cons sucker punched Joe while he was walking away and punched him in the head. What a b*tch! Of course, Tahiry decided to throw herself in the middle, making you ask WTH, where’s Jerry Springer. BUT, she smacked Consequence back.

Cons tweeted afterwards that he “just smacked the ish out of Joe”.  Joe said he pulled a b*tch move and ran away after throwing that punch.  Love & Hip Hop busted out security, creating mass confusion occured.  The second audience, who was making their way in during this break, were also shown the playback of the fight that went down.  And Joe called into Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 to give the deets. You can here the interview here.

On the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Joe Budden revealed he’s back with Tahiry. Surprise, surprise. It was only a matter of time, these two have an undeniable chemistry and you can’t help who you love. Hopefully, she can get her man back on the road to recovery, Virgo men need to feel grounded and she’s his rock.

The other Love & Hip Hop spoilers, Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz, definitely have no love left in that relationship. Rich was definitely not a gentleman, he called her nasty names and accused her of hitting it with one of his ex girlfriends.



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