REAL HOUSEWIVES Atlanta Rumors, Kandi Burruss Nasty Lawsuit, Kim Zolciak Cat Fight!

kim zolciakReal Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss is suing former friend Kim Zolciak. for unpaid song profits. Kandi is responsible for making Kim’s single, “Tardy for the Pardy” a hit and her theme song to her new Bravo show. Upset because Ms. Zolciak has been stingy with the money, she wants to stop the song from being sold and wants Kim to cough up some serious cash. Who will win the lawsuit?

Astrochicks is a bit suspicious because Kandi is using Phaedra Parks to sue Kim Zolciak. Is this a publicity stunt for her new spin off reality show or can Phaedra make the cash register ring? Hell have no fury of a scorned Taurus girl. In fact, both Kandi and Kim are Tauruses so it should be an interesting battle.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss wants a temporary restraining order issued to prevent future sales of “Tardy for the Party,” an order that would require the “destruction of all copies of the infringing single and any other product of defendant’s that infringe plaintiffs’ copyrights.” Kandi is seeking punitive damages, attorneys fees and a jury trial against Kim Zolciak.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn in Scorpio, will teach both Kim and Kandi hard lessons about money and friendship. We think Kim’s being delusional and selfish to deny Kandi profits to the song. Without her, she would never have been a one hit wonder.

For Kandi, shame on you girl, get yourself a lawyer and business manager. What were you thinking not getting a rock solid contract? A very expensive lesson for our girl. Well, at least she’s lucky in love and getting married to her boo, Todd.

Astrochicks senses there is a PR and Andy Cohen motive behind this Real Housewives lawsuit. The Kandi Factory premieres April 9 at 10 p.m. EST, and the second season of Don’t Be Tardy. . . premieres on April 16 with back to back episodes at 9 and 9:30 p.m. EST on Bravo.  Let the drama begin.


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