KENYA MOORE Booty Fitness Workout, Real Housewives Diet and Hot Body Secrets!

kenya moore fitness videoSummer is just around the corner and it’s time to get in shape. For all you ladies who want a tighter booty, Kenya Moore’s fitness video has arrived just in time. The Real Housewives of Atlanta and former Miss USA is revealing all her celebrity secrets for looking hot, with her new Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp debuting on DVD from award-winning distributor Acacia on March 5, 2013. Yes, that means today!

A triple threat with beauty, brains and talent, Kenya Moore an Aquarius girl, alongside instructor Nikki Veal, offers three 20-minute workouts that will sculpt your lower body, shrink your waistline, flatten and define your abs, and, most importantly, lift and firm your backside. Get ready to sweat with these energizing fat-blasting workouts, and you’ll be in red-carpet shape in no time! The DVD also includes a bonus ab-flattening workout.

Kenya Moore adds, “I’ve had a passion for fitness since I was twelve years old while working out to an aerobics television show several times a week. Since then, fitness and staying active have been a huge part of my life. Whether I was competing in Miss USA or trying out for a new acting role, it’s always been important to me to look and feel good and staying red carpet ready. I’m excited to share my fitness plan with the Booty Boot Camp workout so that everyone can be Gone With The Wind Fabulous!”

Since joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore has replaced Kim Zolciak as the girl everyone is talking about.  Kenya quickly has become the new breakout star and may be next in line to get her own reality show. Also, she has a new book coming up called. Invisible, which hit bookstores later this year.

Reality Tea has revealed that Kenya Moore’s Booty DVD is easily outselling Phaedra Parks. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s workout DVD is ranked as #44 in Movies & TV > DVD > Exercise & Fitness compared to Phaedra’s Phine Booty which is currently ranking at #3,545 in Movies & TV. Strangely Phaedra’s Volume 1 has also doubled in price since its initial release.  You can buy the video here! Enjoy…


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  1. The only problem is that Kenya booty is suspect. Many women will be working to achieve a result that she bought. I would prefer Phaedra’s, but do we need another booty workout?

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