BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Catherine or Lindsay Final Rose, WTA Ashlee’s Lies and Drama!

bachelor sean final roseTonight, Bachelor Sean will be in the hot seat, where he must face the girls at the “Women Tell All” special. Will there be lots of drama when Tierra and Ashlee hit the stage? More importantly, who gets the final rose. Will Lindsay or Catherine be chosen as his bride? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers, rumors and predictions.

One tear jerker moment, Sarah Herron talks about how Bachelor Sean broke her heart and she thought he was the one. She says, “I put that wall down for him. He had seen me in a more vulnerable state than I think I’ve ever let anybody see me,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I’ve cried and talked about things with him that I don’t talk to with my best friends about. I thought we had something else.”

For Tierra, crazy Ashlee and Selma had to throw her under the bus one more time. Selma explained Tierra rejected their attempts at friendship. “At the end of the day, I think it was just that we all tried so hard with her. We all kept sitting down with her and being like, ‘You’ve got to hide your crazy, like, you need to just take it down a bit.’” Astrochicks is Team Tierra on this one, she was being attacked by multiple women who were all dating the same guy, not normal. Plus, she’s a Scorpio girl and they don’t take crap.

For Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, he handled the awkward interview with grace. Especially, Ashlee’s accusation that he lied to her. I’m sorry, I think there’s a reason why she’s 32 and not married. Gorgeous but crazy. Although he’s engaged, he’s battling rumors that he’s cheating on his future wife with Bachelorette Emily. How is that possible if he’s still a virgin? Plus, Bachelor Sean may be attracted to her, I don’t think he see her as his future wife.

In case you missed the Reality Steve spoilers, Bachelor Sean chooses Catherine to be his future wife. As we have mentioned earlier, we don’t see these two getting married. Her emotional past will come back to haunt her and I don’t think Bachelor Sean’s mom wants her son to find a wife. Time to cut the Mommy cords.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn in Scorpio will put him through one emotional crisis after another. Fame and fortune can do crazy things to you and Bachelor Sean will be a victim of it. Catherine a Taurus can be stubborn and we don’t see her loving Dallas too much. Texas is the polar oppositive of Washington, I think she may be too hippy for Bachelor Sean. Our astrology prediction is they will split by summer.


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  1. Yes, that’s why they are called “predictions”. You can look at a persons chart, see distinct personality traits and compare them to the other persons chart.

    Catherine is a Taurus, she’s born on April 29, 1986. She has Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Aries, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn.

    I like Catherine but I think she has emotional issues. She’s headstrong and when upset she shuts down. I do think Sean can bring the best out in her but emotionally long term there is a disconnect.

    Our prediction is the relationship will not lead to marriage. It’s more lust…

  2. Unless you know his exact time of birth you can’t make definitive assesments. Also, you would have to know Catherine’s birth time and birth location location to get a better picture. My husband’s cousin was born the same day as me but I am only an hour older and are nothing alike.

  3. I’m third generation psychic, I have studied astrology for over 15 years. I keep the astrology aspect lighter because this is an entertainment news site. All the other planets can confuse some people.

    Since you’re interested in astrology, Bachelor Sean is born on November 16, 1983. He has Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo.

    I think he’s a deep intense guy, who’s emotions are easily swayed by others. His Venus in Libra makes him a true romantic with mars in Virgo he’s somewhat prudish. Moon and Mars are opposed which means the women he’s sexually attracted to may not be the best one emotionally.

    I really like Sean but I don’t see him marrying Catherine, he’s not ready for a long term commitment. Of course, they are only predictions and everyone has free will.

    If you want to dive deep into astrology, I would check another blog at Thanks!

  4. Yeah, and you also as aid JP had anger issues and wasn’t a good fit for Ashley. If you had true knowledge of astrology you’d know there are other factors besides the astrological sign like rising sign, moon sign etc. Your prognostications carry as much weight as a fortune cookie.

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