BACHELOR SEAN Spoilers, Desiree or Lindsay Chosen As the Next Bachelorette, UPDATE!

bachelorette desireeNow that Bachelor Sean has been breaking hearts left and right, which lucky girl will be chosen as the next Bachelorette.  The latest rumor is Lindsay or Desiree are the front runners. Can either girl find true love? Here’s the latest Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers, news, and predictions.

After Bachelor Sean sent Ashlee packing, she was left wondering why she wasn’t given the final rose. Was she too needy or demanding? Was it because Ashlee’s older and has been married once before?

For Astrochicks, we think that Bachelor Sean didn’t like her controlling ways. Yes, Ashlee’s absolutely gorgeous but when the passion wears off, what are you left with. A demanding wife, who just a little too intense. Even for a Scorpio.

When it comes to Desiree, Astrochicks thinks she would make a fun Bachelorette.  She comes from an unconventional background and has an over protective brother who will grill the guys. Also, Desiree’s a super cute girl that I think guys would absolutely love.

For Lindsay, she’s the All American girl, who’s super sweet and funny. She’s the kind of girl, guys would love to take home to meet mom.  Maybe a Bachelor Sean lookalike or hot looking Marine? Astrochicks concern, we predict Lindsay would get her heart broke again. We think she should find love the old fashion way on Bachelor Pad.

In case you missed the Bachelor Sean spoilers, Reality Steve, says the final rose goes to Catherine. Don’t send out the wedding invitations yet. We don’t see our Scorpio Bachelor marching down the aisle anytime soon.Yes, Sean and Catherine have found sweet love but I think they’re too different.  Plus, Dallas is SUPER different from Seattle. I’m not sure our Taurus girl would like it there.

Overall, we love Bachelor Sean and we’re looking forward to the next Bachelorette. Stay tuned to your tv and dont miss out on the best satellite services around like !

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. In Astrology,each persons chart has multiple planets. Your sun sign represents who you’re trying to be in thia lifetime. You moon sign is how you are emotionally. Sean has Sun in Scorpio and Emily has Moon in Scorpio. Together it creates an emotional bond. Sean would feel connected to Emily, which would explain why he said he was blind sided when she sent him home. He felt the connection, she did not.

  2. Emily Maynard is out for one thing and one thing only FAME> She doesn’t want anyone in her life because she wants her face on TV as much as possible. She’s one of the most fake Bachelorettes they’ve EVER had on the program. Quit giving her air time. She’s lost HER “sparkle” too!

  3. Why would Sean be emotionally connected to Emily, because her moon is in his sign? I don’t understand. I understand that she is extremely manipulative and would want what she can’t have, but not his attraction to her. I mean, she’s beautiful but seems like a maneater.

  4. Emily Maynard is definitely a femme fatala she’s a total player. She’s probably interested in Sean now since all the fans love him so much. We thought he would be boring…not a Scorpio. His season was pretty intense. Emily has Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio, which would make him feel emotionally connected to her. She basically would have him wrapped around her little finger. Catherine is a Taurus and like a little girl…Oh Sean, I hope he doesn’t let fame go to his head.

  5. Does anyone else think Desiree looks like Katie Holmes? That’s all I could see every time I looked at her. I do not think Desiree would make a good Bachelorette. Also I heard on Z100 this morning that Sean was cheating on Catherine with none other than Emily Mayard. They met up by coincidence at some event and she was all over him. I don’t know if I should believe it or not, especially since Sean is such a loyal guy.

  6. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. We referred to Bachelor Sean as a Scorpio. Also, in previous posts that Catherine is a Taurus. We are a gossip site with a cosmic site, not a full on astrology site. We have astrology predictions under our “psychic” section. Thanks for your input!

  7. I am very disappointed that I can find astrological signs and this site can not. So what is an astrological web site with 20% of the info good for???? I know nothing about research and have not legal access to info like this sit does. Here is a sample of how it should read, Sean/Scorpio….Catherine/Taurus….all names need to be addressed as this astrological site lists. I too do not believe Sean/Scorpio will relinquish control either, in the end. Taurus likes themselves so much it’s hard to find a place for another….they are extremely slow moving which Scorpio men are. Once she is bigger than him, because Scorpio do not want to be over shadowed by their mate it will be over. Again another reason why he choose her, she is soooooo far from flashy and definitely not sexually alluring. Plain Jane.

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