SELENA GOMEZ New Boyfriend, Dating Hunter Hayes, Justin Bieber Jealous?

selena gomez hunter hayesSelena Gomez is wasting no time jumping back into the dating pool. After her very public split from Justin Bieber, our little senorita appears to be ready to move on. It’s rumored she was spotted exchanging digits with a very cute guy. Here’s the latest on Selena and Justin’s rumors, news, and a very important love update.

Now that Selena Gomez is one of the most eligible Bachelorette’s in Hollywood, she can definitely have her pick of boys. Life & Style reported that Selena met Hunter at a concert on February 10th and exchanged phone numbers. Nothing like a cute guy to make you forget about your ex boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Hayes a Virgo is currently on the Blown Away Tour with Carrie Underwood and will appear at the Taste of Country’s first-ever music festival this summer. Is he a good romantic match for Selena born under the sign of Cancer?

Astrologically speaking, Hunter Hayes a Virgo is a down to earth guy, who puts his career first. When in love, he’s very loyal but likes his independence. No doubt, Selena’s Cancer beauty would have captured his attention. Although, we would be concerned that she’s falling into Hunter’s arms on the rebound.

As Astrochicks has mentioned before, we would like to see Selena Gomez with an older guy.  She needs a boyfriend who’s at least 25 plus, we hear that her celebrity crush Shia LeBeouf is single again. We think Hunter is more of a temporary distraction versus a real boyfriend.

No doubt, Selena and Justin, will jump on the love merry go around one last time. Nothing like a little jealousy to make Bieber begging for her to come back. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Yeah, Selena is pretty and all that. Saying that she could be doing this to get Justin “begging” for her back makes her seem like a straight HOE! its not cute or attractive. I honestly don’t see what Justin found so amusing about this girl, do they have the same interest? Like what is it? Selena asks like she’s stuck up all the time. Besides juju is only 18 going on 19 while on the other hand selena is like 50. Justin doesn’t need to be with her anyway, she can go be with Hunter Haynes (who is sexy af, but bieber is better. (; ) GOOD LUCK TO HER

  2. I agree with them cause selena should date some one older like 25 and up and second i dont think they should date because selena is crazy (in a cool way.) And she looks like a total complete adult and like a thirty year old or some thing also no offense selena but why did you star in a movie called spring breakers and the.disturbing part of her in the movie spring breakers she had to be a lesbian in a movie get arrested and get drunk and go to stupid movie and robs a restraunt and she gets naked in the movie and her and her friends get arrested and her friend are like saying spring break forever bitches and they say i.want to get out of this class and then her friends get naked and they kis eack.other in the movie ans sex why did she enter that movie when i heard she done the movie.kisinggirls.and.getting drunk.having sex going naked in the movie.i.bursted in tears when she had this behavior in that movie

  3. why would he be crazy jealous? i swear the media acts like all us other females are just downright hideous and gomez is the most beautiful to die for girl ever, uh no lol she’s pretty but there are other girls out there with probably more personality too -_- i hate society, i get us girls get crap but this whole girl power phase is annoying. my feeling is it takes TWO to make a relationship work, no one’s perfect so all these media people trying ot make it seem like it’s all justin’s fault or harry style’s fault needs to get a grip on the real world and step away from the computer. we’re ALL sinners!!!!!!!!!

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