JENNIFER HUDSON Wedding Blues, Will She Marry Boyfriend David Otunga, Oscars UPDATE!

jennifer hudsonJennifer Hudson killed it tonight on the Oscars. The former American Idol turned superstar diva shined with her Dream Girls tune, bringing some well needed “buzz” to the Oscars show tonight. Will she ever marry her long time love David Otunga? Here’s the latest Jennifer Hudson news update and astrology predictions.

Jennifer Hudson, has triumphed over some of the most tragic circumstances with her families murder and phenomenal weight loss, she’s someone you can’t help but admire. Born under the sign of Virgo, Hudson’s a spiritual girl, who credits her faith in God for helping her through the most painful time in her life. Also, David Otunga her long time boyfriend who has been her rock.

After dating for four years, Hudson and Otunga, have yet to set the wedding date. Will these two ever get married? This summer, Radar Online reported that Jennifer was having second thoughts. “Jennifer started feeling like it just wasn’t right,” the source says. “So many bad things have happened since they got engaged in 2008 that have prevented them from finally getting married, and she was worried that she was just trying too hard to make something happen that wasn’t meant to be.”

“Jennifer and David quietly called off the wedding a few months ago and she even returned her ring to him,” the source tells  “She was extremely stressed out and processing a lot of emotions about the murder of her family after the trial ended, and she just cracked.”

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks astrology prediction is Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga may split again. Naturally, after all the emotional drama in her life, our poor girl must be exhausted. If they DO choose to get married, we would recommend doing it later in 2014 or early 2015. Otherwise, we think that Saturn in Sag will cause the couple to split permanently. After all, you don’t need a piece of paper to define your love and they already made the biggest commitment of all, having a baby together. On a positive note, we predict she will win an Emmy for her performance on Smash. Definitely, well deserved.


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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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