oscarIs Oscar Pistorius telling the truth that he accidently killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp? On the second day of the bail hearing, the paralympic athlete’s lawyer grilled Detective Both, challenging him on what really happened that fateful evening. Under sworn testimony, the detective agreed that Oscar’s account of the evening was accurate and has media speculating he will be granted bail.

Detective Botha admitted that Mr Pistorius’s account of events contained no inconsistencies. The testosterone found was actually a legal herbal remedy used by athletes, the defense said. Also, Reeva’s bladder was empty at the time of the shooting, confirming she was sitting on the toilet after being hit and Oscar used the bat to knock down the door.

According to court documents, Oscar Pistorius claims he was asleep right before the shooting, and was woken when he heard an intruder in the house. Detective Botha conceded that it was dark, both the curtains and blinds were closed in the bedroom when the shooting took place.

Either way, what happened was a sad tragedy for both Oscar and Reeva’s family.  A beautiful girl is dead and an athletes career is ruined if this was an accident. Thursday will be the third day of testimony. For full trial coverage, click here.

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