bachelor sean final roseBachelor Sean has had his share of drama this season. He may be a virgin and a good Christian boy, but his final four have lots of family drama and issues. Will he find love or will he pull a Brad Womack and not choose anyone? After tonight’s hometown date, we would think that Lindsay would be the front runner but is she? Here’s the latest Bachelor Sean spoilers and predictions.

Desiree’s hometown visit was the date from hell. Her brother an instant troublemaker, let Bachelor Sean know he thought the reality show was a bunch of bull***t. Leaving our sexy Scorpio running for the hills. Who wants to marry into that family? YIKES!

Astrochicks think Desiree’s brother was just trying to protect his sister and was very observant. He KNEW that Bachelor Sean was not that into Desiree. “So far from being here, what I’ve seen from you, I believe that she’s really into you, but you’re not into her,” Hartsock’s brother says. HA! Well, he was right and Bachelor Sean sent Desiree packing.

For Ashlee’s hometown date, you can tell she’s “Daddy’s little girl”, and Bachelor Sean will do anything to impress him. No doubt, Ashlee is totally in love with her man but we think she’s obsessive and controlling. With Bachelor Sean a Scorpio, he’s the only one that will be controlling  in the relationship. We don’t see Ashlee getting the final rose.

Lindsay’s hometown date was fun and challenging for Bachelor Sean. He gets to meet her two star general dad and you can tell where she gets her sense of humor from. According to Reality Steve Bachelor spoilers, Lindsay makes the final two and Astrochicks thinks she’s the best choice for him.

On Catherine’s hometown date, Bachelor Sean meets her sisters who are not easily impressed. Astrochicks thinks they’re just jealous that Catherine a Taurus was getting so much attention. Although, Reality Steve says Bachelor Sean chooses Catherine with the final rose, Astrochicks doesn’t see these two getting married. Our astrology prediction is there’s too much drama and in the end we think Bachelor Sean will move on. Maybe he will return to Lindsay? Stay tuned.



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