EUROZ New Singer Exorcism Featuring Rapper Meek Mill, Game With a Vengeance!

euroz singleEuroz, a 24-year-old emcee who was born in Vegas by way of Atlanta didn’t discover his lyrical talent until he was 21 years old. While taking the time out to hone in on his skills and come into his own as an artist. Self-proclaimed, perfectionist Euroz would compile material and nitpick until he was satisfied.

After a couple years of observing, and creating he decided to release his material via Twitter, Soundcloud, and to various blogs. Euroz spends a lot of his time in Atlanta, as he is now apart of the You World Global/ Blak on Blak Enterprise independent label.

The label was able to get Euroz his first big feature for his single “Exorcism” with MMG rapper Meek Mill. On this track Euroz lets you know he’s coming into this game with a vengeance.

Euroz is currently working on the release of his second mixtape “The Foundation 2.” The recognition he’s received from his first mixtape “The Foundation” was exceptional. Euroz created a buzz for himself with the release of the mixtape, which now has many anticipating the release of his second mixtape.

I’m sure we will hear a lot more from Euroz this year, as he continues to climb the latter to success.  Check out his single Exorcism feat. Meek Mill. Giselle, follow me on Twitter.

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