love hip hop nycOn this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop NY, Jen and Raqi sat down with Ebro, the Program Director of Hot 97 to pitch a radio show idea. Both Jen and Raqi share a radio background, and came up with the idea of doing a show together as two chicks in the biz, since this is something that hasn’t been done before.

During their sit down with Ebro, he lets them know he’s open to hear their idea, but he isn’t looking for anyone to fill a slot on air. The ladies both agree, their radio show could be a web based show on Overall, Ebro doesn’t seem to thrilled about the idea but he agrees to do a test. Prior to the first show, Ebro issues a no flirting rule with the artists. It seems Ebro was referring to Raqi, since she wears the proud title of being an “industry hoe.”

During the test run of their Hot 97 web show, Jen and Raqi got the chance to interview Vado, who’s a rapper from NY. Vado is known for his affiliation with the Harlem rap crew Dipset.  Throughout the entire interview, Raqi always the rulebreaker, does the opposite of what Ebro said, which was no flirting with the artists. The show focused more on Raqi and Vado’s hook up connection, since Jen barely got to take part in the interview.

Naturally crazy drama ensued, Jen got upset and put Raqi on blast the next day. The two ladies argued, Raqi felt the radio show was her idea and Jen would be her cohost. The sit down between these two didn’t end well, and ended up with Jen leaving the scene. Raqi’s parting shot was  “Good luck getting on.” Jen’s response was “I’m white, trust me I will get on.” In return, Raqi threw one final low blow, stating Jen’s man, Consequence, apparently tried to hit on her too and she has the texts and pics to prove it. (jump off)

Moving on to Love & Hip Hop stars Yandy and Mendeecees, Yandy is still caught up with her helicopter mom constantly involved in everything. During her family photo shoot, which was supposed to be between Yandy, Mendeecees, and their son Amir,  Yandy’s mom shows up as well. This annoys Mendeecees, who has no knowledge of her mom coming to the photo shoot.

At the photo shoot, Mendeecees learns that Yandy’s mom is moving to New Jersey due to her husbands new job, and Yandy wants to follow like a good little girl. In fact, Yandy even went looking for a place in Jersey without even telling her man. This causes Mendeecees to split the photo shoot fast, making it clear he isn’t moving to Jersey, especially with Yandy wanting to be close to her mother. After Yandy comes to her senses, she realizes how she hurt Mendeecees, and that he has the right to be upset.

With Mendeecees birthday coming up, Yandy decides to do something special for him. After meeting up with her “pud” as she likes to call her, Kimbella her BFF and baby mama to rapper Juelz Santana, she tells Yandy it’s time to spice her love life up. Kimbella thinks Yandy should do a sexy video for him. Yandy is open to the idea but wants the video to be sexy but still classy.

Yandy takes Mendeecees to the hotel where they spent their first night together. They have dinner and she lets him know his gift is waiting for him upstairs. Mendeecees, who thinks it might be an regular gift is completely shocked when Yandy plays the tape on the television and it’s a tape of Yandy dancing seductively like a video vixen. Mendeecees is pleasantly surprised birthday boy and enjoys every minute of his video gift.

Yandy might have earned a couple cool points with Mendeecees for doing a sexy video for him, but she needs to let go of her mother’s hand if she wants her baby daddy to take their relationship further. No man is going to marry a woman who wants to live in the same house with her mom upstairs or downstairs. Yandy better learn its time to move on with your own family. You might get a ring faster that way or maybe she should find a different man. I’m just saying. Giselle, follow me on Twitter here.

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